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Get Up Close & Personal with

My special Rock & Roll guest…

LET’S TALK ABOUT: Music, Books, & Romance with


(musician extraordinaire, actor, & director)


Todd Meredith, lead singer and guitarist for the

 The RAVE-ONS is my multi-talented guest…

and below is his rock & roll tribute band (with rockabilly music, and 50’s & 60’s covers)

rock star todd 5

rock star band2

…and if you missed my main page update on why I decided to do this segment, scroll down Home page to my September 19 “Let’s Rock & Roll” share and check it out… 


This travelling band has performed all over, including on a cruise ship, and at the B.B. King Blues Club in N.Y.C….

     Todd is definitely a Dead Ringer for Buddy Holly, in fact he has played him in over 20 productions, and in the National Tour Buddy: the Buddy Holly Story which is where I first came across him and his talent, which he is currently directing …

     I was blown away by his performance an understatement and I immediately purchased his Buddy Holly tribute CD (which can be found on his professional web site). I also saw him perform in A Million Dollar Quartet as Carl Perkins (another music legend) and another charismatic performance given by Todd….He was also the lead vocals and rhythm guitar in Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: Beatles tribute,  Johnny Cash in a variety of performances, and more…

     You can read more about Todd on his personal web site, his band’s, and his Buddy Holly site, I’ve linked below : )

Todd’s Buddy Holly page:


Todd’s Tribute CD:


The Rave-Ons professional site:


And Todd’s personal site:


Now onto my Rockin’ Interview with Todd:

Local Angel Bay radio presents (a version of Tea Time) by Tia


My first featured question:   DO YOU REALLY WEAR GLASSES…

rock star todd66

My second featured question:  DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM GIRL…

rock star todd 4


Todd’s drink of choice, crushes, favorite book and more…

Interview segment 4

& some great music with Todd, his featured video’s below –


(one of the performances I saw him in)

& Todd Meredith & The Rave-Ons:


a couple of my favorites…

Check his music out if you haven’t already (it’s high energy & a lot of fun)…


It was fun getting to know Todd. And I hope you enjoyed my interview with this multi-talented performer…

Thank you Todd Meredith. It’s been a pleasure : )

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable time, and may stop by again some time. Have a wonderful evening! XOXO Tia B.


Tune in again with Tia…

for more Guests:

Real Rock Star Interviews, and Angel Bay visitors maybe even the Cave Spiders,  plus Novel News & more : )

Episode Two,  coming soon!

Thanks for Reading!!!

29 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal 99.9 FM radio

  1. You wrote a book? Aren’t you a dancer, gal Friday, script writer…well, fantastic idea, great interview Vicki Vale, and great music. You should make your book into a movie, I’ll fund it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mike, my book is not traditionally written, it has a script like feel and flow, it’s kind of an introduction with book two following this winter. Thanks, I like the idea of it, it would make a fun movie. and I love Vicki Vale reference. Thanks for stopping by and checking everything out.


  2. This was fun! Great idea Tia, both your book and the interview. I’ve been looking around and reading your excerpts, and I really love the band mixed with the Irish and creature theme.

    Liked by 1 person

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