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My special Rock & Roll guest…

LET’S TALK ABOUT: Music, Books, & Romance with


(musician extraordinaire, actor, & director)


Todd Meredith, lead singer and guitarist for the

 The RAVE-ONS is my multi-talented guest…

and below is his rock & roll tribute band (with rockabilly music, and 50’s & 60’s covers)

rock star todd 5

rock star band2

…and if you missed my main page update on why I decided to do this segment, scroll down Home page to my September 19 “Let’s Rock & Roll” share and check it out… 


This travelling band has performed all over, including on a cruise ship, and at the B.B. King Blues Club in N.Y.C….

     Todd is definitely a Dead Ringer for Buddy Holly, in fact he has played him in over 20 productions, and in the National Tour Buddy: the Buddy Holly Story which is where I first came across him and his talent, which he is currently directing …

     I really enjoyed his performance and I immediately purchased his Buddy Holly tribute CD (which can be found on his professional web site). I also saw him perform in A Million Dollar Quartet as Carl Perkins (another music legend) and another charismatic performance given by Todd….He was also the lead vocals and rhythm guitar in Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: Beatles tribute,  Johnny Cash in a variety of performances, and more…

     You can read more about Todd on his personal web site, his band’s, and his Buddy Holly site, I’ve linked below : )

Todd’s Buddy Holly page:


Todd’s Tribute CD:


The Rave-Ons professional site:


And Todd’s professional site:


Now onto my Rockin’ Interview with Todd:

Local Angel Bay radio presents (a version of Tea Time)

by Tia

auth 2

My first featured question:   DO YOU REALLY WEAR GLASSES…

rock star todd66

My second featured question:  DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM GIRL…

rock star todd 4


Todd’s drink of choice, crushes, favorite book and more…

Interview segment 4

& some great music with Todd, his featured video’s below –


(one of the performances I saw him in)

& Todd Meredith & The Rave-Ons:


a couple of my favorites…

Check his music out if you haven’t already (it’s high energy & a lot of fun)…


It was fun getting to know Todd. And I hope you enjoyed my interview with this multi-talented performer…

Thank you Todd Meredith. It’s been a pleasure : )

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable time, and may stop by again some time. Have a wonderful evening! XOXO Tia B.


Tune in again with Tia…

for more Guests:

Real Rock Star Interviews, and Angel Bay visitors maybe even the Cave Spiders,  plus Novel News & more : )

Episode Two,  coming soon!

Thanks for Reading!!!

25 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal 99.9 FM radio

  1. You wrote a book? Aren’t you a dancer, gal Friday, script writer…well, fantastic idea, great interview Vicki Vale, and great music. You should make your book into a movie, I’ll fund it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was fun! Great idea Tia, both your book and the interview. I’ve been looking around and reading your excerpts, and I really love the band mixed with the Irish and creature theme.

    Liked by 1 person

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