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Aloha!  Below is my Author Bio:


     Tia Brady pen name is an American Author who was born in Maryland but moved shortly after.  She has travelled extensively in the U.S. and abroad and she has written a movie script, TV Pilot, and —authorphoto-

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     . . . her New Adult Rock Star themed series — is a fun, sexy, three book mystery, with horror – and a parody, script-like vibe. 

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Tia’s Amazon Author & Book page:

Tia’s Barnes & Noble Book page:

Book one and two are available, and book three will release in 2019 (with a possible spinoff and prequel) . . .

  for more information check her Series and Book page . . .

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     Tia loves the outdoors and the 80’s. You will often find her drinking coffee, collecting vinyl, attending live shows and discussing film with her son, and Rockin’ out to some 90’s (grunge and alternative). She spends some of her free time hiking with her Walking Dead lanyard and attached mace to protect her from possible zombies — since her friends have told her they love her for her brains but not zombie style. She hopes : )  

     Her Rock Star crushes are Sean William Scott (of Lethal Weapon TV) and Tom Cruise (with whom she would love to have dinner and go for a moonlit run), and her favorite wakeup songs are Jude Coles Back to School and the Beverly Hills Cop theme song.    

      She’s studied Philosophy, dance, Cultural Studies and French. She has worked as a Gal Friday, Research Guru, in Construction, Travel, Law, and more, but watching spoofs, buddy cop, action, cheesy horror – or listening to spy romance on audible while making her daily list by her pool if she had one on a sunny day with hot IMF Agent Ethan Hunt would be a fine way to spend her morning.   

Friend or Follow Tia the links are under the Travel with Tia.

Thanks for reading and have a Rockin’ Day! 


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