Hi Everyone,

Below is my upcoming 

AUTHOR & BOOK related


OCTOBER 12, 2018

will be the release of the updated version of my Rock Star Book One

(the update will include a New Cover and new format)

to match my 2nd books format

which suits the theme of my series beautifully . . .

And I’m still waiting on the new cover but I will post it when available —

as well as my

New Author and Book site which will be under

Tia Crime Capers

 most likely to be shared around the same time in October . . .

a couple of new banners I created for my series

share three

hollywood crime pic fall ac

Also some September and October shows and concerts:

I love this time of year since the weather cools off and the leaves change

A good time to break out flannels, cords, and hats – plus Halloween and lots of other holiday celebrations and (being outdoors) is at its best . . .

plus perfect reading and coffee drinking weather . . .

an upcoming book I’m looking forward to:

Flight or Fright – Stephen King

flfrand some upcoming concerts:

Ed Sheeran, Lera Lynn, Maroon 5

and Live Shows:
Hamilton, Beauty and the Beast, A Rockabilly Christmas (one of my series interviewees) will be in town to perform his Christmas show with his band – I hope to catch his show  : )


I will have a book blitz  – with a Giveaway

(the giveaway will include my first two books) as well as

a few other items, I will share later . . .


Another Holiday Giveaway with a new Holiday Interview —

I will also announce the release date of my final book for this series

Hard to Hold

And with the winter release of Book Three

I will have some news and a new book trailer for the final book and series.

and some EXTRA author and book stuff such as

Location Inspiration

and a MARCH 2019 BOOK PARTY (St. Patrick’s themed)

like my book. . .

So today, I’m sharing  a favorite Ed Sheeran song and video “Galway Girl” —

perfect mood music for my Irish, St. Patrick’s themed series, plus I will be seeing Ed in concert:

And more Location Inspiration for

Wings University

The clock tower below is definitely a Dead Ringer (like my series) for the Clock Tower in a favorite film “Back to the Future”:



And today is September 11 – I will always remember where I was and what I was doing

on that day . . .

Be safe if in the way of the hurricane, and have a great week!

I will post my new Book cover when available.


Happy Reading, Tia

Schedule, Excerpt & More!


I’m overwhelmed with my schedule, so I may update one more time before my book’s release on June 2, 2018…

I really need some days off, a spa week would be nice because (I want to feel pretty)!

This sums it up…


Editing, editing, and more editing (and tonight I will be editing) again

So it’s a date with my computer and coffee…

sun cover

I’d much rather be outdoors (above)…


So, I did take time to watch Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver an (incredible movie)

vinyl baby2

 Edgar Wright is a favorite director of mine, who also directed the Scott Pilgrim movie, another great film & favorite with a similar vibe

I loved the movie so much I added a clip from it to my favorites playlist (on my Author YouTube) check it if you get a chance…


And some upcoming author and music related events:


(I make lists) keeps me on track (My frugal find) list maker’s for One Dollar at Target

(in their bargain bin)

Live Concerts & Shows, a Book Party, Travel & Trips (new & old), Photo Shoots, collaborating with new colleagues . . .

    And Below are some personal pics (of my house) the backyard where I saw a bobcat (sorry no pic of the bobcat) and a beautiful owl landed on my deck a couple of times recently (I will try to get pics). He just sat there looking beautiful. So many creatures in my neck of the woods (just like my book) would love to do a Big Year…

My house reminds me of one of my favorite scary movies written by Director & Writer extraordinaire Joss Whedon…


What do you think? Definitely a cabin in the woods vibe (although my house is in a neighborhood)…

Cabin is in my top 100 films…

FINALLY an Excerpt (the final one) for my upcoming book two (June 2, 2018)!


I may create one more but most likely won’t have the time until after my book is out…

And advice…


Not so sure if that’s true (development) has been interesting,

but it is good advice cause ignorance is bliss

Thanks for reading & following!

Hope everyone has a good week,




for Book Two (which will be sold at Barnes & Noble) on June 2, 2018


Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 10.01.32 AM[1864] two



purple book drink

Above is actress Rachel Bilson (not my pic) but love the scarf with plum sweater, black boots, leggings and purse (a great book look)

to match my cover…

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Cheers to a good week!


Spring Tea Time!


Hello Angels & Knights:


spring flowers

It’s been a while and I wanted to update at least one more time after this before my Book two releases on June 2, 2018 “A Dead Ringer for Katie REAL TIME!”

But my schedule is really getting the best of me so I hope I can because I have so much I want to share but I have to get everything together, and work and eat and well you know the basic daily survival stuff . . .

     So around Easter I was able to get together with a couple of friends for lunch and one of my friends brought my book with her for me to sign and she had questions and comments about it since I had not seen her since the release

So I’m going to share a couple of those…

 All of us ended up having lunch at a small, quaint French restaurant I had never been to– in a town about an hour away from my home, near the water (been to the town) but not to that restaurant… 

& the food and atmosphere were great. I totally recommend it…


     She had me sign my book and wondered where I got my idea from, since it reminded her of a 1979 movie and book called Nightwing by Martin Cruz Smith. I never read the book nor saw the movie but that got me curious. SO when I got home I looked up the trailer and book and now it’s on my must read and to see list. It looks interesting, but has a darker feel than my book, but yes there are lots and lots of bats in the atmosphere like my book, so I can see why she thought I may have seen or read it (check it below):



And she also wondered how I knew toboggan was a Texas word for a winter hat. She even looked up the meaning online . . .

but honestly, I didn’t really know, my dad used the word toboggan all the time to refer to a winter face-covering hat–ever since I was little, especially during winter when he had to go out and shovel snow. So it coincidentally worked out that Katie’s dad is from Texas and she uses that word.

What’s interesting is there’s a debate about the word, whether it can mean both a winter sled and hat. I’ve always used it for both and have heard it used for both…and as far as I could find out, there has not been a clear-cut verdict.

And Some New Things on my site:

My next interview should be released during blitz week.

So scroll over to that tab and check it out, or press the link below:

I can’t wait to share it . . .

So far my interviewee’s have been super nice. I always learn something new that relates to music and more!

And as I mentioned previously…

I got the idea for my Dead Ringer series by being told I look like a few celebs, and Kate Beckinsale is one I get quite a lot, especially by colleagues and those close to me : ) Probably because of her coloring and frame. I chose this pic below because of the service uniform which will (in a way) tie in with my upcoming interview, it’s a favorite…


Kate starred in a very campy but cute romantic movie “Serendipity” with one of my childhood crushes — John Cusack (and since a romantic book series) thought I’d share that fun fact . . .

Also as one more final clue for my upcoming interview, as well as in honor of these wonderful men, I’m sharing a couple of photo’s of my dad in the Army, with his service buddies. The pics below are a couple of my favorites . . .

& Finally some music, since a music themed series and book!

This artist is fairly new to me and one of my new favorites. He has a unique voice and a Johnny Cash vibe, which I love. This song and video are a lot of fun!

Check it below:

I should have a couple more updates before my release . . . so until next time,

stay safe & have a Rockin’ day!


Spring Break, Questions & Pre-Order!


I need a break, a big one…

but before I can take my spring break, I have work

And will have one more update after this and then finally…

a break.

HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY by the way

(don’t forget to wear green) otherwise you could get pinched. I always forget that part . . .

st. patricks2

And if you are like me, I’m not fond of losing an hour for daylight savings…

daylight savings


I know that is old news but it’s been a while since I’ve updated…

So lots to share and still lots to do! Like pack for my upcoming spring break:

Packing List includes 

a Hoodie for cool nights (since going to an awesome theme park)

and bottled water to stay hydrated . . .

 A Get to Know the Author

Fun Fact:  I love green, especially mint and aqua,

any shade of green or blue really (which also happens to be the color of my eyes) they change depending and look hazel at times…

And I was going to update earlier but we had some really scary bad weather with a wind storm, lost power, tree’s down (check pic below left) many of the tree’s uplifted where I hike and at home, so plans changed and had to stay in a hotel while repairs were being completed but all is back to normal (well as normal as it was previously) even got to go to an Oscar viewing party that Sunday (which was the first day lights were back on). My top three films of last year were (Get Out, Dunkirk, and Lego Batman) I love Nolan’s films and he already deserves an Oscar. Dunkirk was an amazing film:



I.)  one of my readers wanted to know which type of cat (bobcat or mountain lion) is occupying the town and the difference between them–since both are referenced in my story, check below 

One on the biggest differences between the two is the size:

bob vs. lion







And Infestation is fairly new within the town of Angel Bay where my heroine lives (my heroine explains that in the book) but she is confused between the two (as I would be) since not something she normally encounters — so she referred to them as bobcats and mountains lions, as someone who doesn’t often deal with them would, but the incident with the car is definitely a Mountain Lion, but both may be occupying the area–time will tell in (book two and three) but (hint) she will learn the difference . . .

And recently there was a Bobcat (not a Mountain Lion) that wandered across my backyard in the morning.  I had never seen one Live and in the flesh before, and it was interesting that it just so happened to do that since the creature is in my book and since one of my Readers asked the question . . .



In the meantime I’ve had tickets to a couple of live shows and was able to attend a fairly new, recently written satire play that I loved . . . Satires are one of my favorite genres and (my Series has a light parody vibe) to it, so I was pleasantly surprised about the performance and story . . . check the stage and setup below for Dead Man’s Cell Phone, I recommend it if you like Satires and Dramedy:

And I went to see another live show Mama Mia which was cancelled since the lights went out during because of the windy storm, but getting there was like a funny sitcom with wind coming from all directions (luckily no problem on the way). It was the shows last weekend (and I had never seen it live) which sucked but everyone received a credit which will go towards the next show, c’est la vie …

And my Spring Break reading list includes

(with a bonus pic of my flowers) since pretty:

Christina Lauren’s “Dating You Hating You”
which (HAPPENS TO BE LISTED WITH MY BOOK ONE) “A Dead Ringer for Katie ROCK STAR” with the same mood so thought I would check it out–and “Spring Break” which is appropriately themed and I thought would be a fun frightful read…

and my Frugal Find:


I found this hard copy of Saint Odd  for only $5.00 at Walmart

(the final Odd Thomas book) which looks great…can’t wait to dive in…

II.)  And I have been asked quite a few times how I came up with my

DEAD RINGER idea (for my series)

Well, I can’t even tell you how many times I have been told I look like a celebrity or someone’s girlfriend or Ex (boy do I have some stories) and I may share some, and it’s been a few different celebs, but always Brunettes with light eyes. I am a brunette (most of the time) although I add highlights and change it up for the seasons and events (but brown remains my base color), and green eyes (my most commented on feature). I have had a few — both funny, and creepy– mistaken identity situations, so originally I chose the theme of my book from personal experience…

so Who is my Dead Ringer:


Kate Middleton is one . . .

(the pic above is the closest to my hair and makeup style

that I’ve seen from her) I’m less classic than she is in style 

and more edgy and earthy in the way I dress . . .

    And that pic is from the Epsom Derby (not sure which year), but a very similar hairstyle I wear (pulled back) since active, but I primarily chose that photo because of my Book Two release date which is now Official..

(And also happens to be EPSOM DERBY DAY) for 2018!

so PRE-ORDER IS LIVE!!!   for Book Two

“A Dead Ringer for Katie REAL TIME”


AND MY BOOK TWO PAGE linked . . .


So No turning back now…

Check it out on Amazon

(Book Two will be available as a hard copy and on other venues) when released . . .

with one more Book in my Dead Ringer Series HARD TO HOLD also in 2018 . . .

(official date to be announced)

which is also when my book party will be scheduled (as of now) looking into different things – with photographer and live band . . .

So really looking forward to that – 

so Cheers (a mint Julip) if you read this far…

the perfect Derby Drink:


I will also have a few surprises to share since my book will be released further down the road than I had hoped . . . So check back (I’m hoping to post one of the surprises Monday) but that will depend on a contributor and is one of my most anticipated shares–but definitely by next week…

And finally my casting choice for my heroine (Katie’s mom) in my Dead Ringer series:

pretty actress Katharine Ross (from the Graduate) a classic film  . . .

mom katie2

(Katie’s mom is naturally pretty) and although fame-driven and materialistic–I imagined her appearance as the opposite — earthy and less glam (I wanted her look to be a contradiction to her personality)…

casting mom1

and above is where I imagine Katie’s mom worked briefly before leaving town (a cubicle)-

since she mentions how free spirited yet unhappy her mother was, that is if she worked at all (so much mystery)…

Well, I look forward to sharing more surprises next week (Monday or Tuesday) so stay tuned and thanks for reading!


Happy Valentines Day!


or Jour D’amour (as Peter) Rock Star would say

I picked up a copy of Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods CD the other day which is 

now available and sharing a couple of my outdoor and woodsy activities to honor the theme of it…

with my Casting Choice for my heroines dad in my Dead Ringer books . . .

Man of the Woods in Vinyl, a place I hike, a museum with favorite Bear art, and Spenser for Hire’s Robert Urich as my choice for Tom Cass . . .

Also Megan Fox Desert Style from Transformer’s 2 — loved her outfit in the film and she would make a good Katie Cass. Her pink outfit in this part of the film is also a good Valentines Day outfit IMO (love the white jeans) and brown belt with matching boots — and a beautiful bouquet for all hard working ladies (like my heroine) . . .

And finally, a song to top off this Valentine post. A favorite, blast from the past (early 90’s) re-make of Go West’s song from the Pretty Woman soundtrack–in case any of you missed SNL’s Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd’s fun re-make music video “King of Wishful Thinking” the other night…

It’s been going around on social media and a great song for any dealing with a breakup this holiday — lots of nostalgia and fun:

Cheers! XOXO Tia



     I hope everyone is having an enjoyable season so far!  This evening I wanted to share a couple of other Book Series that have been listed as having a similar feel to my first book “A Dead Ringer for Katie ROCK STAR” . . .

     I’ve only read a little of the first book in the beauty series and (it’s lovely) but I haven’t read the Wild Series (which looks like a lot of fun) so I will definitely check them out when time permits . . . so if you liked these you may enjoy my book and the rest of the series when available . . .

if you like 5

    Also location inspiration for my heroines place of work–Cass Construction. And since we are in the midst of the holiday season this fits nicely with the snow. And although I described her workplace differently in the book, this definitely has the feel of what I imagined especially with the bicycle


That is all for this evening! Stay warm! I should have a few more December shares (before the New Year)…

Until next time! Thanks for reading!