Hi I am Writer/Author Tia Brady, and I started this Blog to share and promote my upcoming Book and Dead Ringer series which is Rock Star themed:



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BOOK 3 HARD TO HOLD (2018) more information coming soon…

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Below are some of my interests and a glimpse into what occupies, and has occupied some of my time. I hope to do a Tuesday with Tia kind of thing – where I share some pop culture and Rock Star themed ideas I love, for fun and that inspired my book. I’m also planning a monthly newsletter called Tea with Tia – where you can subscribe and become one of Tia’s Angels or Knights – for an extra behind the scenes Rock Star themed ‘kiss & tell’ styled fun. Thanks for stopping by, Your Friend Tia.

A glimpse:

You will often find me listening to 80’s music, enjoying the sunshine on the hood of my car or deck, hiking, drinking Kona coffee, practicing Yoga, Pilates, and Dance Fitness.

I’ve dabbled as a Research Guru, Gal Friday, in Customer Service, Project Management, Construction, Travel and more.

I’ve studied Philosophy, Dance, and Cultural Studies, and travelled extensively in the U.S. and abroad.

I was born in Silver Spring, Maryland but moved shortly after spending a lot of my childhood playing Charlie’s Angels, I even wanted to be one when I grew up and was hired immediately out of college at an Investigative Agency before accepting another job.  My dad played Pro Baseball, and math wizardry runs high in my family : ) Although I love the Seasons, I am always planning my escape to some place tropical where I can forever park my Nike Tennis shoes.

I love all things Brady Bunch & film (especially action) The Brady Bunch Movie and the Die Hard franchise being all-time favorites.  I frequent Musical Theater (with Legally Blonde, Trouble at the Tropicabana, and Grease) at the top of my list.  I also enjoy themed parties (planning & organizing), Architecture (especially Airports), Comic-Con, Halloween and listening to Weezer, the Arctic Monkeys, Huey Lewis & the News, 98 Degrees, She & Him and watching Psych & Castle TV.  I love Joss Whedon (really miss Angel TV), Edgar Wright films “Baby Driver” is a favorite, Cameron Crowe’s “Elizabethtown”, and Christopher Nolan genius.

I admire Bruce Lee, John Hughes, Wes Craven and Stephen King to name a few; and my writing influences include Janet Evanovich, John Hughes, Mike Judge and Richard Linklater.

I’ve also written a fun, sexy and suspenseful, Rock Star themed Mystery series with a script and parody vibe, and hope you will check out all of my crime-comedy capers when available:


She was only there to pay off a debt……

But somehow Katie was now neck deep in investigating a theft of an heirloom necklace.  OK, not somehow.  Once again her too-eager-to-help nature got the best of her.  Just like the gambling addicted, ex-boyfriend who racked up the debts, now her poorest-of-judgment, best friend needs a favor:  help find the necklace stolen by none other than rock god, Sleigher, lead singer to the Cave Spiders.

And from there, things only get more complicated…..the fact that Sleigher is hotter than hot and oh-so-irresistible is just the beginning.  Throw in a sexy police detective, a psycho fan-girl, and Katie’s visiting mother (Mob-Boss boyfriend in tow), and somehow a simple debt payback turns into chaos Rock Star Style!


Katie has been in unusual binds before, but nothing prepares her for danger Rock Star style……


Thanks for reading : )  and Party on – Sincerely, Tia.

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