(Photo Cred) Tia Brady


Had a festive Halloween month one of the highlights was the

Haunt at Kings Dominion. Always a spooky fun time. The pic above is of the Eiffel Tower at the theme park lit up for the Haunt : ) Also went to a holiday open house . . .

And my updated books for

“A Dead Ringer for Katie Rock Star”

(BOOK ONE & TWO) are available.

The Links to the paperback and eBook are under my Book tab

below a pic of the updated eBook:


And the hardcopies arrived on my front porch last week . . .

They Look Great:

IMG_1478             IMG_1480

The models look like they are on a cloud —

which I love.

And appropriate since an

Angel and Knight themed series . . . 


 the Amazon KDP & CreateSpace merged so I’m still having some technical problems with the new paperbacks on Amazon but they are available at Barnes & Noble.

The technical issues should be fixed soon but may have a different inside format.

 I will share when available . . .

And Book Two Real Time is available in hardback at Barnes & Noble (part two of my three book mystery). The front flap below will be part of the design for my bookmarks:hardback two 23




Movie Night, Comic-con, Theme Park Haunt, and Beauty and the Beast live.

And while at the haunt – Lorde’s cover of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” was played which is also in the Assassin’s Creed Unity Trailer. It is an epic cover and perfect for Halloween. Below is choreography I came across which uses that song. I also added it to my faves on my author YouTube.

And although I’ve been dancing since the age of two – I only first came across modern dance while in college . . .

Check out the song and modern choreography below:

And November 4 is daylight savings – not a fan

but been hiking as usual. Below are a couple of my favorite pics from my camera roll from September:

Photo cred (Tia Brady) me



AIR CIRCUS SHOW (left) photo cred (me)


and what’s to come for

November and December:

A HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY & BLITZ for my two books in December

(I will announce the date) and what will be included in the giveaway – 

(but hardcopies of both book one and two) will be a part of it, with the final book in this mystery available in March of next year . . .

And the film “Bohemian Rhapsody” hits theatres this weekend (which is one of my most anticipated films) picked up the soundtrack, and  just saw “First Man” which was about Astronaut Neil Armstrong (the first man to walk on the moon) July 1969. It was a good film, well made, no fluff, and sad. It also asks how important space travel really is.

I will be attending Winterfest, seeing the show “Merrily We Roll Along” which opens tonight, participating in Neko-Con, and the Rave Ons (one of my interviewee’s) will be in town with his band to perform their holiday show A Rockabilly Christmas (check his interview, video’s, and links) on the ‘Rock and Roll Interview One’ tab if you haven’t gotten a chance, plus, Miss Saigon hits the Kennedy Center, and Dave Matthews will be in concert.   Freddie and Jason (left) I picked up from the holiday open house last month (love the itty’s) clever:  IMG_1362

My new author web site (which is in the midst of being created) should be live by December with new Author Photo’s.  And I will share some book location inspiration and more.

I’ve also been listening to a few books on audible while tackling

the daily grind:




If you want to friend or follow –

Regardless, I think I rambled a bit, but I hope everyone will have a great day!



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