Hi Everyone,

Below is my upcoming 

AUTHOR & BOOK related


OCTOBER 12, 2018

will be the release of the updated version of my Rock Star Book One

(the update will include a New Cover and new format)

to match my 2nd books format

which suits the theme of my series beautifully . . .

And I’m still waiting on the new cover but I will post it when available —

as well as my

New Author and Book site which will be under

Tia Crime Capers

 most likely to be shared around the same time in October . . .

a couple of new banners I created for my series

share three

hollywood crime pic fall ac

Also some September and October shows and concerts:

I love this time of year since the weather cools off and the leaves change

A good time to break out flannels, cords, and hats – plus Halloween and lots of other holiday celebrations and (being outdoors) is at its best . . .

plus perfect reading and coffee drinking weather . . .

an upcoming book I’m looking forward to:

Flight or Fright – Stephen King

flfrand some upcoming concerts:

Ed Sheeran, Lera Lynn, Maroon 5

and Live Shows:
Hamilton, Beauty and the Beast, A Rockabilly Christmas (one of my series interviewees) will be in town to perform his Christmas show with his band – I hope to catch his show  : )


I will have a book blitz  – with a Giveaway

(the giveaway will include my first two books) as well as

a few other items, I will share later . . .


Another Holiday Giveaway with a new Holiday Interview —

I will also announce the release date of my final book for this series

Hard to Hold

And with the winter release of Book Three

I will have some news and a new book trailer for the final book and series.

and some EXTRA author and book stuff such as

Location Inspiration

and a MARCH 2019 BOOK PARTY (St. Patrick’s themed)

like my book. . .

So today, I’m sharing  a favorite Ed Sheeran song and video “Galway Girl” —

perfect mood music for my Irish, St. Patrick’s themed series, plus I will be seeing Ed in concert:

And more Location Inspiration for

Wings University

The clock tower below is definitely a Dead Ringer (like my series) for the Clock Tower in a favorite film “Back to the Future”:



And today is September 11 – I will always remember where I was and what I was doing

on that day . . .

Be safe if in the way of the hurricane, and have a great week!

I will post my new Book cover when available.


Happy Reading, Tia

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