Everything New!


I will have a new Author and Book web site, but will keep this blog for more detailed shares . . .

The new site will be under

tia crime capers 

(it’s not available yet)

but that will be my professional author and book site I will share when available . . .

I will also have


The release date for the updated versions

of Book One and Two will be

OCTOBER 8, 2018

And I will announce when Book Three will be available,

at that time.

I will also have news to share about my series

around the release of Book Three!


I want to share a song that eerily fits my series

Wolf Like Me

by Radio on On TV

An Awesome sound and song, by an awesome band. I added it to my Hard to Hold book playlist. The perfect mood music for my series. I will link the song below:


I’ve also been in a 90’s kickback mood –

This song fits what is going on in my life and is a favorite,

Closing Time from 1999 —

check out the pay phone in the music video too:

new one

close three

And Elvis week has been going on this past week in Memphis, although it’s coming to an end today I believe

I really hope to get there some time. Checking out some pics posted looked like an amazing experience; maybe a tour within the year . . .

And if you haven’t gotten a chance

Check out my Elvis interview with actor, musician, and Elvis fan Kavan– also an Elvis tribute artist . . .

He was nice enough to offer some of his time for the interview. I posted it when my Book Two released. It’s linked below and

was a lot of Rock and Roll fun:


And a book I want to read that I haven’t started but ran across the other day:

which I may end up listening to on audible. Looks good:


And I’m sure most already know

but Aretha Franklin passed –


What a huge loss, and on the same day Elvis The King of Rock passed (as many have written) the king of rock and queen of soul. My favorite songs of hers are:

Respect and You Make Me Feel.

I always want to kick back and close my eyes while listening to You Make Me Feel and jump around the room when Respect is on.

She left us some incredible music and was one of a kind. RIP Aretha.

Now I’m off to a few outdoor events that I will be photographing this weekend. It has been hot and humid, so I hope everyone stays cool if having the same kind of weather. Have a great weekend –

& Happy Reading, Tia

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