New Stuff!

I wanted to update a lot earlier

but I haven’t had much time because


Came across that the other day and I can relate . . .

I’ve been working on a lot of things while contemplating, not wanting to be hasty, all while trying to enjoy a bit of the summer  . . .

 I did go to a Weezer / Pixie concert

a couple weeks ago

and It was amazing!

One of my favorite concert experiences ever. A couple of favorite moments was when Rivers Cuomo sang “Africa” by Toto and ventured out into the middle of an iPhone lit arena to sing “Island in the Sun”. It was so much fun, and really one of the nicest concerts I’ve been to. He and his band really put on a great show!

Some photos from the concert at Jiffy Lube Live
— the pic on the left is when he sang Africa. I took a lot of video

I may add later . . .



UNDER my pen name Tia Brady
@ tiabradycrimecapers

the other day. The Link:

This will be my author and book Instagram. I haven’t linked this site on there yet — since I’m updating and changing things around a bit . . . but I will.

And below is Location Inspiration for my Series

a Jazz club in California —

and how I imagine the Irish Tavern

where Katie (my heroine) first meets Peter (Rock Star) at the beginning


His band’s meet and greet. Kind of a smoky vibe

as described in my book:

vibrato grill jazz

I’m also looking forward to sharing Book Three

“Hard to Hold”

the last in this series. Below is an excerpt from Book Two “Real Time”.

The book released June 2 and received a 5 star review.


the son of the Café owner

(the Café) where my heroine Katie frequents, and where the best coffee is sold. It’s also conncected to the dinner theatre where Katie my heroine performs occasionally. Author fun fact, I’ve acted and performed on stage . . . .

flynn book real time exc1

and a new social media cover I created (for book three)

Release date to be announced

but the book will be available this winter . . .

book cover three 2

There will be a lot of Katie and the Rock Star in Hard to Hold —

and book three is where their relationship develops

and the mystery solved.

And with the release of the updated versions of my books I will be announcing some new news about my series. I can’t wait to share.




for FALL

I’ve been to Vegas but never swam with dolphins which has been on my bucket list for quite some time. A friend of mine did that for her birthday, so that will be included with location inspiration trips, such as a visit to Amity Island (Martha’s Vineyard), the Cape since a bay town setting, with a visit to Universal, Hollywood I have family out there and some other places. I’m excited for the adventure . . .

In the meantime I’ve been changing a few things on this site. I now have an Author Event page where Author Events & Appearances will be posted. I hope to meet Authors, readers, and whoever wishes to attend . . .


and a Meet Tia page:

which was originally my Tea with Tia page, where I will share a variety of stories, media, like book inspiration, a read along, with some favorite images, to include author photo’s. Some will be taken by a friend – a pro. He offered to do them (many times) so I look forward to collaborating and sharing his work.

maybe a 1960’s, jazz club shoot — or maybe a few on site pics . . .

I love themed photo’s that capture an era, and I have a few ideas – as did he.

But I will have Location Inspiration photo’s still taken at the River Walk in San Antonio (but Location Photo’s only) not Author ones, probably in September or October, later than planned for fun and mood. Never had photo’s by this photographer who also happens to be a friend, but looking forward to seeing what she creates.

And a couple of mood pics I took recently, very old Hollywood and jazzy

at a favorite place:

And I came across a song that I absolutely love

by The Tom Braggins band that could easily fit my series.

Check it out:

And finally



I was a Philosophy major in College and this made me laugh from the 90’s, a favorite film and clip I forgot about until the other day. Yes, I was a bit serious like the brunette with beret in college . . .  but Alicia Silverstone is so funny in this movie — this is a favorite part; also wardrobe inspiration for my heroine Katie at the meet and greet (the black beret) in the beginning. And I love Paul Rudd too of course. This was the first time I came across his acting. Both characters are Philosophy majors, and so cliché, but right on, lol:


And . . .

I also added two dance clips to my favorites on my Author YouTube “Make Em Laugh” from “Singing in the Rain” one of the best dance scenes in all cinema imo, and another  Gene Kelly favorite from the 1980’s movie “Xanadu”.

The Xanadu clip of Gene and Olivia remind me of dancing with my dad. Another author fun fact:  I’ve been a dancer since the age of two. I also listed my top dancers of all time over on my Get to Know Tia page:

Next time I will have answers to readers questions, new news, and I’m looking forward to a couple of really cool and colorful event photo shoots that involve balloons and a circus not mentioned; will definitely be sharing those images, while venue hopping for work, and attending a few upcoming concerts with friends and fam.

This was a long update. So if you got this far,

Thanks for reading : ) Tia


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