Summer books, banners, baseball & more

     I created a few new banners for my series, as well as discovered you can create a picture slideshow on here, and updated my Get to Know Tia section which includes my book favorites and more (check it out) and share yours if you wish 

linked below:

Book one and two are available (of my three book) crime caper —

and I’m excited to report that I received a 5 star review for my 2nd book on Amazon.

book summer 21

Book three Hard To Hold (the final) for this series will be released in the winter

book summer auth12

and I will also be creating a slideshow of a variety of my favorite images
under the Get to Know Tia tab when I get the chance, but I did update my About section and included a favorite photo of my dad in a baseball pitching pose the photo on the left:  base dad

he was a phenomenal pitcher (among other things)

played pro-baseball, as well as football and basketball in both high school and in the service. He was a mathematician, valedictorian, writer, thespian, class president, voted most likely to succeed and most popular, but above all he was kind and worked hard, and didn’t need any kind of confirmation or awards for his abilities (although he received them) he never put them on display. He was an amazing story teller. I’m not sure what he would think of social media.

I also added some new stuff to my playlists. Check out my favorite version of the “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” song which was part of the inspiration behind choosing Katie as my heroines name (since my series is bobcat, creature, and mountain lion themed). It’s on my Real Time playlist on my Author YouTube.

& if you missed my previous update below — it includes a favorite summer read, concert and more:

a concert look I really like for my upcoming Weezer/ Pixies concert this weekend

concert look

a frugal find with one of my all time favorite books

book and frugal find

and a friend of mine was sharing a favorite book cover a day on her social media

below is (one of mine):

the chase

as well as one of my most anticipated reads:

cupcoming book

I will have more to share soon in the meantime

One more banner

cover summer 18 four

And the


of my 2nd book:

The puzzle of the necklace stolen by the Rock Star

“I ordered the book as soon as it was available. The puzzle of the necklace stolen by the rock star from her best friend and Katie’s preoccupation with the rock star lead to more complications. I’m wondering which love interest Katie will end up with. Am looking forward to Book Three.”

listed under (the paperback) from Amazon

Thanks for reading & following —

have a great weekend!




4 thoughts on “Summer books, banners, baseball & more

  1. I love the banners, concert outfit, purse too, How much was the purse? and great pics of your dad! Have fun, you should post concert pics.


    • Thanks! The purse with the “Nothing Lasts Forever” book was around $12, but I bought it about a month ago at Target. I haven’t used it yet.


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