An Announcement!

My books are being updated:

I should have more information — about the updated release dates for both 

within a week or two, some minor things so those dates won’t be that far off…

Book Three will still be released within the year:

paper TiaBrady_HardToHold_6x9_BW_200 paperback

I’m also in the midst of moving so a very time consuming schedule…

 But I will have more news to share about my series — in the next update, really good news! And I will be updating periodically about a variety of things!


The pic on the left was when I was in Nashville, TN at the Ryman Auditorium for work I’m the photographer (not in the picture) — and the other is also Mood Related

so sharing…

And a writing quote from one of my favorite Authors and

Storytellers Stephen King:

King 1

Thanks for reading!!!


5 thoughts on “An Announcement!

  1. Book Three will be out later this year, it’s already written. I’m not writing (books) as of now. Book One and Two are being re-edited, but I should have an idea soon when the updated versions will be available. Dealing with other things, but yeah I like the cover for three, fits the tone. Thanks!


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