And my hardback copies should be available soon…

if not already (and as I mentioned previously some hopefully corrected mishaps)… but


all should be okay for my Blitz on Monday…

“A Dead Ringer for Katie REAL TIME!

real time xpresso

Barnes & Noble Nook

Amazon paperback

You can find my book links under Books on here — or on my About the Author page…

And there will be an interview posted by Blitz day on June 4, 2018

 the Blitz lasts for five days. So stop on by…

I’m really looking forward to sharing my newest interview…

This particular Entertainer also compliments the theme of my book and series nicely. Plus, I really enjoyed getting to know a little more about him –and as I mentioned before I always learn something new about music and more, and you will to. I will link his interview when posted…


& Even though this is a Spring Release — I’m going to consider this my Summer Themed Interview & Book Release since summer is right around the corner…


I will also link the Giveaway — where you can enter when it begins. Probably on an update next week. Or I will add it here…


which will include — a coffee mug, a hard copy of my book two, a mini-poster of the cover of book two, a music cd with an item from my interviewee…

Also if you want to check out why I originally decided to include the interview segment I posted it on my September 19th blog update (one of them) since I had two that day (it’s the first one) which explains some of my reasons…one of the main one’s being for mood, and to share good music and entertainment, and for fun since a Rock Band and Rock Star themed book…

Well that’s it for today. I plan on enjoying the outdoors as much as I can, with some vacation time and travel this pic was from a few weeks ago and a favorite place


Hope everyone has a great Saturday…

And Thanks for reading!



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