Spring Tea Time!


Hello Angels & Knights:


spring flowers

It’s been a while and I wanted to update at least one more time after this before my Book two releases on June 2, 2018 “A Dead Ringer for Katie REAL TIME!”

But my schedule is really getting the best of me so I hope I can because I have so much I want to share but I have to get everything together, and work and eat and well you know the basic daily survival stuff . . .

     So around Easter I was able to get together with a couple of friends for lunch and one of my friends brought my book with her for me to sign and she had questions and comments about it since I had not seen her since the release

So I’m going to share a couple of those…

 All of us ended up having lunch at a small, quaint French restaurant I had never been to– in a town about an hour away from my home, near the water (been to the town) but not to that restaurant… 

& the food and atmosphere were great. I totally recommend it…


     She had me sign my book and wondered where I got my idea from, since it reminded her of a 1979 movie and book called Nightwing by Martin Cruz Smith. I never read the book nor saw the movie but that got me curious. SO when I got home I looked up the trailer and book and now it’s on my must read and to see list. It looks interesting, but has a darker feel than my book, but yes there are lots and lots of bats in the atmosphere like my book, so I can see why she thought I may have seen or read it (check it below):



And she also wondered how I knew toboggan was a Texas word for a winter hat. She even looked up the meaning online . . .

but honestly, I didn’t really know, my dad used the word toboggan all the time to refer to a winter face-covering hat–ever since I was little, especially during winter when he had to go out and shovel snow. So it coincidentally worked out that Katie’s dad is from Texas and she uses that word.

What’s interesting is there’s a debate about the word, whether it can mean both a winter sled and hat. I’ve always used it for both and have heard it used for both…and as far as I could find out, there has not been a clear-cut verdict.

And Some New Things on my site:

My next interview should be released during blitz week.

So scroll over to that tab and check it out, or press the link below:


I can’t wait to share it . . .

So far my interviewee’s have been super nice. I always learn something new that relates to music and more!

And as I mentioned previously…

I got the idea for my Dead Ringer series by being told I look like a few celebs, and Kate Beckinsale is one I get quite a lot, especially by colleagues and those close to me : ) Probably because of her coloring and frame. I chose this pic below because of the service uniform which will (in a way) tie in with my upcoming interview, it’s a favorite…


Kate starred in a very campy but cute romantic movie “Serendipity” with one of my childhood crushes — John Cusack (and since a romantic book series) thought I’d share that fun fact . . .

Also as one more final clue for my upcoming interview, as well as in honor of these wonderful men, I’m sharing a couple of photo’s of my dad in the Army, with his service buddies. The pics below are a couple of my favorites . . .

& Finally some music, since a music themed series and book!

This artist is fairly new to me and one of my new favorites. He has a unique voice and a Johnny Cash vibe, which I love. This song and video are a lot of fun!

Check it below:

I should have a couple more updates before my release . . . so until next time,

stay safe & have a Rockin’ day!


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