Happy Valentines Day!


or Jour D’amour (as Peter) Rock Star would say

I picked up a copy of Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods CD the other day which is 

now available and sharing a couple of my outdoor and woodsy activities to honor the theme of it…

with my Casting Choice for my heroines dad in my Dead Ringer books . . .

Man of the Woods in Vinyl, a place I hike, a museum with favorite Bear art, and Spenser for Hire’s Robert Urich as my choice for Tom Cass . . .

Also Megan Fox Desert Style from Transformer’s 2 — loved her outfit in the film and she would make a good Katie Cass. Her pink outfit in this part of the film is also a good Valentines Day outfit IMO (love the white jeans) and brown belt with matching boots — and a beautiful bouquet for all hard working ladies (like my heroine) . . .

And finally, a song to top off this Valentine post. A favorite, blast from the past (early 90’s) re-make of Go West’s song from the Pretty Woman soundtrack–in case any of you missed SNL’s Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd’s fun re-make music video “King of Wishful Thinking” the other night…

It’s been going around on social media and a great song for any dealing with a breakup this holiday — lots of nostalgia and fun:

Cheers! XOXO Tia

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