Happy Valentines Day!


or Jour D’amour (as Peter) Rock Star would say

I picked up a copy of Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods CD the other day which is 

now available and sharing a couple of my outdoor and woodsy activities to honor the theme of it…

with my Casting Choice for my heroines dad in my Dead Ringer books…

Man of the Woods in Vinyl, hiking, a museum with favorite Bear art, and Spenser for Hire’s Robert Urich as my choice for Tom Cass…

Also Megan Fox Desert Style from Transformer’s 2 –my actress pic for Katie Cass in my books (loved her pink outfit) from this part of the movie, a good Valentines Day outfit IMO –and a beautiful bouquet for all hard working ladies (like my heroine)…

And finally, a song to top off this Valentine post. A favorite, blast from the past (early 90’s) re-make of Go West’s song from the Pretty Woman soundtrack–in case any of you missed SNL’s Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd’s fun re-make music video “King of Wishful Thinking” the other night…

It’s been going around on social media and a great song for those dealing with a breakup this holiday — and has lots of nostalgia and fun, it’s a favorite:

Cheers! XOXO Tia

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