Hello Angels & Knights:

February is upon us already and yesterday was the day of the Groundhog! Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and it’s cold, and I am really looking forward to seeing some of the commercials, advertisements and new movie trailers–especially the one for Mission Impossible 6…if you read my Author Bio I adore Tom Cruise and love his commitment as Ethan Hunt in the series and I think he’s kind of cute too!

And in case you missed my previous update my Book Two will be available in March around St. Patrick’s…a friend of mine said she left my book on her coffee table and when a friend stayed over he read it that night (in one sitting) and wanted book two…which will be available in March..

So without further ado…there have been quite a few questions asked from friends and other readers about story related happenings–in my Dead Ringer book one and more, so I’m going to answer two of those questions today and share a readers favorite character…

  1. When Katie (my heroine) spots a Denver license plate during one of her almost hit and runs–one reader’s question was is there such a thing as a Denver license plate…and Yes there is such a thing as Denver plates (check one below):


2. And another reader’s concern was why Katie my main character graduated in the winter? Why winter–and not a spring graduation…well, my heroine had quite a few things happen to her during her senior year of college (a scandal for one) which is mentioned so it would not be unusual for her to take a semester longer than the schedule she may have planned (although we can only speculate) for her reasons have not yet been shared.


I also graduated college in the winter…I had more than my fair share of credits just not the right ones for the degree I was earning. I liked taking classes and took some courses along the way on subjects I was interested in (that did not apply to my degree)– and not because I had to just because I was interested, so when graduation came around I needed two specific courses to complete the degree I was earning and took them in the fall:






One of my readers found him interesting and a dandy as she put it, and was curious to know more about him and his situation. Chace is the hot but sleazy laborer–who works at Cass who Katie went out with once, and I imagined someone who looks like Rob Lowe (for being very easy on the eyes) since described as other-worldly good looking, he is also extremely problematic and Trouble with a capital T to say the very least..

That is all for this update! Thanks for reading!





  1. Good article and comeback to questions.
    We forget there are all kinds of plates out there, mine says my hometown but we know all official plates are on the rear.

    Liked by 1 person

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