Playlist for Book Two & More



     I created my playlist for my Book Two titled “A Dead Ringer for Katie REAL TIME”. Book Two will be released this winter and will be twice as long as Book One and tie it up nicely. My new playlist is under my ‘Travel with Tia’ tab (and has 73 songs and clips), check it out if you get the chance. It’s on my Author YouTube.

And I’ve chosen the models and location for my Book Two Cover, I can’t wait to share when completed. Shouldn’t be too long…

Plus lots more this fall and winter such as Location Inspiration, construction in Real Time, a new Interview Segment with my Book Two and more–

Below are also some highlights and favorites (in pics) within my last month

with A Weezer coffee mug and tagalongs…

& what I’m reading/listening to on audible (which mentions and visits my alma mater GMU)…

fall coll65


So stay tuned &

Have a great Tuesday! XOXO Tia

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