Tea Time



Hello Angels and Knights:

It’s been a very busy week in my neck of the woods with some events, and among those events I had my first Book Blitz for my Book One this past week which was a lot of fun…

There is also a few more days to enter my Giveaway (which is linked in the update below this one), and I updated my Mood Music playlist on my Author YouTube with two new Weezer songs (both awesome songs) from their upcoming album that I’m really looking forward to at the end of October. Just visit my Travel with Tia tab and scroll down to my Author YouTube link for Mood Music.

Also a couple of new book related things I wanted to share on this first of October  was the Katie Cass coat I spotted while out shopping the other day…I took a pic and may go back and buy it, but it caught my eye and I immediately thought of my book heroine so sharing…



…as well as a pic from one of my all time favorite action series Die Hard specifically the Die Hard 2 flick Die Harder…

I love Bruce Willis in these and there may be a little John McLane in my Detective Brian McKenzie, and this actress definitely has the Katie Cass vibe going with the wavy hair and basic courier style of my heroine.


I would definitely say that is finding inspiration in unusual places…as well as Tavern inspiration below (within the Town of Clifton) for my Angel Bay…  


Yes I know I already shared a few pics of the town but it is lovely…

 And an actor I always thought of portraying my character Eric who is Peter Sleigh (Rock Stars) new friend and driver on tour, actor Nick Cannon, who also catches Sasha’s eye (Katie’s best friend) and the rock band’s Fan Club president…

angel bay eric

For my next Tea Time share I will have a schedule of my upcoming book related events which will include an idea of when my Book Two Cover reveal will be shared and more : )

Plus a get to know the author update…

Thanks for Reading and Have a Rock & Roll fun-filled night!

XOXO Tia Brady

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