A Giveaway, Flowers & More!


Hi Everyone:

 Next week is my Book Blitz, and I’m looking forward to it! I like feedback and I’m curious to know what people think : ) I’m sure it will be interesting since quite a few have signed up, around 100…

     So today I’m sharing a few things before the weekend. First, the information for my giveaway, since it starts on Monday where you can enter if interested in winning some free prizes…just follow the link below the pic. The giveaway includes a free copy of my book, a mini poster of my book cover, a coffee mug, and a music CD:

raffle giveaway


     I’m also sharing another excerpt for release week, which includes some unusual happenings within the small town of Angel Bay (and is between Katie, next door neighbor Luke, Eric the limo driver & Peter Rock Star)…and next to the excerpt is an actress who would be a good choice for my heroine Katie Cass.

I’ve already chosen my musician choice for Katie, but this is my actress choice.

I’ve chosen her for a variety of reasons, and she definitely fits the appearance with spunk and humor as she’s shown in her movies …

Alexandra Daddario:

with Zac Efron

from the recent release of Baywatch (which I just saw) and as I was watching I kept thinking, that is Katie…

And finally…

I’m also sharing flowers I received last week, since really pretty:


Okay, that’s all Ladies & Gents!

Hope everyone has a Rockin’ weekend! XOXO Tia

3 thoughts on “A Giveaway, Flowers & More!

  1. I am impressed with your writing and your train of thought when you see things to include in your blog. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving with friends and family. My favorite romantic song is “My Love” by Paul McCartney and Wings that he wrote for his first wife, Linda McCartney. I do love the red purse because it shows your good taste and I am a retired English teacher so I will love reading your book inside the purse!

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