Hardcopies of my Book & an Excerpt!


Hi Everyone:

This has been an interesting couple of days! Still trying to figure things out, with mess-ups and mistakes, but I am happy to share that my hardcopies arrived yesterday…

…so, today I’m sharing pictures of them (both the paper and hardback), with the mini poster of my Book Cover framed (on the right). It’s the front cover of my book, and will be part of a giveaway for my Book Blitz next week, as well as a copy of my paperback, a coffee mug, and a music CD. Not to confuse my Book Blitz with my Book Tour which will be later on. But I think my favorite copies are the paperback that were printed by Createspace. The ink and overall picture quality looks good, but then I like the cream colored paper of the other venues a tad better… so I guess I like different things about each…


     I’m also sharing another excerpt that is between my heroine Katie and her next door neighbor and colleague Luke…they’ve known each other a while, and Luke is an interesting character in that there is so much more than meets the eye…

Check it out…

Excerpt Luke & Katie6

Have a great

rock and roll day!

Tia B.

2 thoughts on “Hardcopies of my Book & an Excerpt!

    • Thanks! The hardcopies are there you just have to pick the format you want. It will say view (all available formats and editions) and you will click on that and pick : ) Or if you tab over to my Book tab I have it linked, or I can send you a signed copy : )


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