Let’s Rock & Roll!

It’s Alive! And It’s Live!

Check out my Interview Segment One:



and Musician Extraordinaire…

Scroll on over to ‘Tia’s Behind the Scenes’ and Get Up Close & Personal

with My Featured Guest…

but FIRST CHECK OUT the info below

(for extra special behind the scenes info) and shares (with a chance to win a prize):


My interview was a lot of fun with this multi-talented musician, especially checking out more of his high energy music…

I asked this particular musician for an interview, for a variety of reasons, especially since he fit the theme of my Dead Ringer book (since he is a dead ringer), and luckily he accepted kindly…

…but unlike my heroines Rock Star I’m pretty sure he hasn’t stolen a supernatural dagger necklace…

      Regardless, let’s get to know him…

…and don’t forget to comment on my interview, because you could win a special prize. I will be choosing one winner based on a random number : )

So without further ado, it was my pleasure to interview and get to know–and see this diverse and talented artist perform…

So grab a beverage of choice, kick back, stay a while, and join me and my special rock star guest over at “Tia’s Behind the Scenes”…

Thanks for Stopping by and Reading! XOXO Tia B.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Rock & Roll!

  1. This was a lot of fun to read, and great idea. Yeah hopefully Todd Meredith didn’t steal a dagger necklace, LOL, but what a talented performer he is. I love his style, and style of music! Thanks for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

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