Tea Time: It’s Official!

Hello Angels & Knights,

I am super excited to share my Books official release date and information below with the first Venue and link, and where my book will be sold:


in both eBook & Print (Hardback & Paperback)

Audible too ( but Audio will be at a later time – most likely early Dec. : )

    And Since I am a new Author Pre-orders can only be placed for eBook, NOOK, & iBook, but my book WILL be available in both Hardback & Paperback on the official release date! As all of that information is being presented –  I will share on my BOOK page (tab):

releasedate 9

My Amazon Author page is up with my Author Bio, Author Photo, and with Book information  (and other venues will be shared as they come in):


Also below DOUBLE CLICK on the ‘BUY ON AMAZON’ under my book Cover…

AND IT SHOULD – TRANSPORT YOU TO MY BOOK PAGE (if not – you can search on that site, or copy & paste the link) to take a peek…

Once there you scroll down and check-out the book information:

 You can click also on my AUTHOR NAME Tia Brady and that will take you to my AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE (with my pic and bio) check it if you get a chance…

And A LITTLE TRIVIA  my official release date also happens to be the same date the Backstreet Boys performed at the MCI Center in Washington, DC on their Millenium Tour back in 1999 (18 years later) how cool is that  : )



So check out my Books information, available for Pre-view and Pre-order on Amazon,  (I linked it below) one more time & on Barnes & Noble, the links are on (my BOOK page tab):


and as everything is finalized I will be sharing the links from the other Venues, with you, before the official release date : )


And although PROMTIONS and OFFICIAL SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ will come closer to the release date in August and September 2017, I do appreciate any likes and follows from anyone, on any of my Author Social Media  : ) Although it is not necessary, it is definitely appreciated!

Have a Super day!

XOXO Tia Brady


3 thoughts on “Tea Time: It’s Official!

  1. Congratulations!!!! What an accomplishment and an acknowledgement for all the hard work… Being old fashion in that I love the feel of a book Looking forward to a hard copy … Signed by the author I hope… Looking forward to reading!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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