Tea Time: Tia Talks

Hello Angels & Knights:

My next few months will be very busy, and I’m looking forward to the release of my New Adult Romantic Caper “A Dead Ringer for Katie ROCK STAR”! A new Banner below:


I will probably be updating more than usual including a few surprises, but for this Tea Time I wanted to announce Tia Talks below! Read more about that part of Tea Time under the ‘Tia Talks’ tab : )

Tales Banner

So Episode One (which will probably be a 3-6 minute audio or video presentation) since I haven’t decided will include Novel News – and an Introduction, as well as surprises throughout 2017 is Coming Soon! Also, if you haven’t already, check my previous update below this one, and read what has been said about my Novel! XOXO Have a Rockin’ Easter, Tia B.


3 thoughts on “Tea Time: Tia Talks

  1. Hi Tia, Tia Talks sounds fantastic! I was wondering will that be a weekly thing, or what are your plans with it? I am looking forward to reading your book and watching, thanks!

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  2. Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for your interest! I will be updating more about what Tia Talks will involve in my first Introductory episode (probably in May or June) over the summer. Most likely all the information you want to know will be included in that. I may include information about my Novel (such as Novel News) – like what I’m planning for my Series (the direction I’m going with it), some fun Rock Star stuff (like Kiss & Tell), why I wrote my book, plans for Tea Time, – and more. I’m aiming at sharing two episodes for each season (so eight for the year), in preparation for the season and for each of my books, which may include location inspiration, mood music, and some spur of the moment shares and news. Just some really laid back book chats, for fun – that hopefully won’t exceed ten minutes : ) I’m also not sure if my episodes will be in audio form (such as an audio podcast) or video, possibly both! I hope that helps, and I look forward to hanging out with you at Tia Talks and for Tea Time! Have a Rockin’ Day!


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