Tea Time: Book Trailer

Hello Angels and Knights:

Happy New Year 2017!  I hope everyone is well, happy and had a Rockin’ Holiday & New Year : ) My Book Trailer has arrived and I am so very excited to share it with all of you. It is fun and sexy with Suspense.  I hope you love the prevue as much as I do.  I will have more to share about my Books release, but until then I hope you check out my trailer for “A Dead Ringer for Katie – Rock Star” which can also be found on Youtube.  More information and surprises soon….So at no further delay – grab some coffee, or a drink of choice and watch my Novel’s Prevue, it’s around a minute : ) Enjoy and have a super day – XOXO – Tia B.



5 thoughts on “Tea Time: Book Trailer

  1. Hi Julie, thanks! I am still setting everything up and learning (slowly). And yes I will be sharing on Facebook as I get more familiar. I will link my author page under my Travel with Tia tab, probably within a month or two, around my books release date : )


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