Tea Time: Excerpt Nine

Dear Angels and Knights:

Meet Sasha Dubois

Katie’s colleague and partner in crime


Katie arrives at Cass Construction, Inc. where she works as a Company Representative, Courier & Promoter……



Excerpt Nine

     Arriving at Cass Construction, Inc. a modern, medium sized glass and stone one level building, with lots of lush green trees and precise green landscaping looking a lot like the Extract building in the Mike Judge movie “Extract” Katie parks her Chevy in her assigned parking space. 

     Inhaling then exhaling, looking in her rearview mirror she notices a few of the other commercial businesses surrounding with Irish décor.  “This foggy bat ridden bay town really goes all out for this lucky leprechaun of a holiday” – she mumbles to herself ‘not feeling so lucky’.  The antique appraiser, the Painter, the woodworking biz, the stone business, transmission shop, motorsport company, and the Psychic belly dancing Guru group – an event company where Katie has subbed a time or two as a belly dancer.  Thalia the owner of Starry Nights Events who claims to be a real Psychic and Katie – have become friends over the two years Thalia’s blooming business has been present.  They met when Katie was home on College break at one of Cass’s seasonal holiday parties since Starry Nights hosted and catered the event.  Katie has always helped at Cass, Inc. seasonally when on break from college to deliver and retrieve materials and the Bookkeeping putting her ultra Math abilities to good use before accepting her full time job. 

     Katie gathers and locates all of her stuff for her busy day, while glancing again in her rearview mirror.  Taking a deep breath she opens her car door after grabbing the letter from her back seat, she shoves it into her oversized tan leather tote bag.  Quickly gathering her stuff she locks her door.  Just as soon as Katie is ready to dash, her feet on the mark – get set – and go – her best friend – the ever stylish Sasha Dubois jumps out from in front of her car and yells “Boo”.

     Screaming hysterically – better than any scream queen ever, Katie glares at Sasha – “What the Hell, you really scared me Damn-it!”

     “Actually you scared me with that scream but regardless – you are so fun to scare” – Sasha laughing her ‘no bars held’ laugh with an added Dracula sounding twist – “I swear you could give Jennifer Love Hewitt a run for her money.  The best scream queen I’ve ever heard.”

     “Thanks” – sarcastically then pausing – “I think?” – relieved it is Sasha, she is a lot more jumpy since the note on her windshield.  She thought it wouldn’t bother her much, but judging by her reaction, it really does.

     “I can’t wait until tomorrow night” – Sasha rubs her hands together like an evil scientist or scheming sorcerer – “Really looking forward to seeing and connecting with the sweet as Sunshine Limo Driver of the Spiders again.  Andy? No, Eddie? Mabye Eric?” – since Sasha and he exchanged sexy glances at the Tavern’s meet and greet. 

     “You don’t remember his name” – Katie offers matter-of-factly knowing typical Sasha. 

     “Pretty sure it’s Eric, but it doesn’t matter at this point.  He sure is as steaming hot – as hot as the mocha latte I had this A.M. from the Caffeinated Café ” – Sasha easily seduced by a pretty face.  “And we can finish our business with Peter Sleigh the Sleigher.  The costumes, dancing, and video girl contest will be great, and I will be great as their video girl” – she pauses – “No, the BEST” – she lifts her shoulders placing them back dramatically, then reaching towards the sky with both arms, bringing them back down with her hands on her hips in a cutesy model type stance, suddenly walking as if a book was placed on top of her head that must not fall cause her life depends on it. 

     “Yes of course Sasha, after we accuse Peter of stealing the supernatural antique” –

     “Not supernatural – voodooish….” –

     “Oh voodooish” – sarcastically – “the magical necklace with voodoo powers” – wiggling her fingers spooky like – “he will cast you as his love interest in his new music video” – shaking her head – “come on sweetie” – whispering in a lower than normal tone while patting Sasha on her back gently – “dare to dream.”

     “It could happen, he seems a fair guy, and a smart guy.  I’m sure he wants to make lots of money and sell his new song, and I can do that for him” – Sasha swaying back and forth in a cutesy fun way – “He knows what sells, and I’m the perfect video girl and love interest for his new number one, bestselling, chart topping song ‘Delete’.  I will be famous.  And I am still his biggest fan and his global fan club President, he just needs help for his clepto habits.  He will be thankful for out interest and help.”

     “Yes thankful” – Katie shakes her head – “and Delete us he will.”

     Sasha still rocking back and forth in her baby doll flats pouts…….

That is all for this share and for Tea Time!

Hope your day Rocks and Rolls – Tia

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