Tea Time: Extra

Get to know Katie Cass

my Heroine

Hi Angels & Knights:

For this Tea Time I am sharing a few images of my Heroine Katie Cass’s style – with some descriptions.  So sit down with a beverage of choice, relax and hang out with Katie:

the Style of Miss Cass

As well as working for her dad at Cass Construction, Inc. as a Company Representative – Katie works part time as a Yoga Instructor for Buddha’s Bliss which is a branch of TNT’s Dynamite Gym – the local ‘Angel Bay’ Gym in town. 

Katie also loves WWE and her bedroom décor reflects that –  see image below (plus she also has a talking John Tank doll) she snuggles with at night.  Katie drives a 1970’s vehicle she won at an auction (similar to the one below but in the color green), and occasionally she will bicycle to work.  She also collects vinyl, since she loves music – but she is only investigating and helping her best friend Sasha Dubois (fan club President of mega band Cave Spiders) retrieve her stolen heirloom from the visiting Rock Star in town (claiming no romantic interest in him whatsoever) in other words she is not a fan of the Mega-star ‘nor his music’ no matter how charming and sexy he seems to be…..

 Stay tuned for Katie Cass style Part 2 at my next Tea Time- plus meet new characters

Conan & Crew for a Tea Time Extra!

Thanks for reading – XOXO

Your Friend – Tia B.

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