Tea Time: Excerpt Seven

Meet Lenny the Lizard

in Excerpt Seven: 

How I imagine Oliver’s (Katie’s younger brothers) pet Lizard looks & what happens to my Main Character Katie Cass (read Excerpt Seven for a glimpse & clue)….. 



     Katie notices and feels something on her back, like itches that sting.  “Ouch” – she tries to reach the area with her fingertips.  Not quite awake – still thinking about her nightmare, she stretches using the length of her arms further – reaching around her back to feel the sting, realizing there is a lizard in her bed, with very sharp toe nails.  Wait I thought Lenny was chasing the other unknown critters through the house….

     “Oliver – did you bring more stray’s home?”  She walks over to her full length mirror to look at her back which has three distinct scratches on the middle of it – very light scratches with a little blood, but of equal distance ‘weird she thinks’ and shrugs.  Nothing that a hot shower and a little peroxide won’t take care of.  Luckily she is not going backless tonight for the Costume Party and Concert. 

     “Great a Nightmare on Elm Street birthday.  My life is a horror movie, and the demons or devil will come for me on my 22nd birthday, or whatever happens in the movie ‘trying to remember if Jason or Freddy Krueger is in that movie.  “This is perfect”……..

That is all for this Tea Time!

Thanks for reading – XOXO – Tia B.

3 thoughts on “Tea Time: Excerpt Seven

  1. Freddy Krueger is from Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason is from Friday the 13th I think?? I love the horror movie references, but Lenny what the Hell! I can’t wait to read your book!!!!!

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  2. Hi Sherry – yes Freddy is from Nightmare and Jason is from Friday : ) And could it be Lenny or something else? Yes, Lenny is a riot of a Lizard. Thanks for reading ladies : ) I should know more about my Book One release in November.


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