Tea Time: Extra


Hi Angels & Knights –

It is my birthday week and I want to share a few Extra’s about my Main Character Katie for my Dead Ringer Series & a Video (of one of my favorite Heroines)…..

My Heroine Katie Cass is a combination of many things – she works at Cass Construction, Inc. for her dad, she teaches Yoga part time, and although creative in nature she has a natural mathematic ability (she can figure numbers like Rain Man)….

although she prefers creating over her numbers ability (her mathematical nature has been a blessing and curse) for different reasons at different times……

She is pretty and tough – quirky and outspoken…and strives to be a good person (and do the right thing) which can be blurred in many situations……

A teaser from my Book:

“…….A creative soul with savant Math abilities- Katie loves to create but Math is boring to her, so she avoids Math best she can, which is not to say Math doesn’t come in handy at times – of course it does (her Ex definitely thought so – a womanizing gambling-holic’ who after finding out she knew numbers like Rain Man turned her life upside down)……”

THAT IS ALL for this teaser

& below is a video of one of one of my all time favorite TV Heroines……

BUFFY (doing what she does best) 

‘Kill Monsters’ :

That is all for this Tea Time Extra!  Until next Tea Time –


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