Tea Time: Excerpt Six

Hi Angels and Knights – it is Tuesday and Tea Time and I am sharing Excerpt Six from my Book One ‘A Dead Ringer for Katie – Rock Star’.  This Excerpt includes Katie’s younger 16 year old brother Oliver.

Katie is on her way to Cass Construction, Inc. where she works as Courier and Company Representative for her Dad –

and Oliver to Angel Bay High…..



     Oliver notices Katie’s dreamy face while listening to the Queen song, and rolls his eyes for the hundredth time.

Driving slowly down her neighborhood street ‘Knights Way’ Katie notices an envelope on her cars’ windshield and brakes abruptly, Oliver jolts forward.  Katie steps out of her car and grabs the letter from her windshield.  Standing in the middle of the road a businessman in his jet black Lexus trailing behind her – caught off guard by her abrupt stop brakes – almost hitting her back bumper.  Swerving around her car – speeding by, he honks his horn and shakes his fist out his window in a hostile manner.  Katie ignores him and his hostile-ness waving him on kind and friendly like unaffected by his volatile ‘in a hurry’ inconvenienced manner…….

     ……….Concentrating on the letter, which has her middle name *MUNROE* elegantly written in cursive – all caps and black marker – across the middle of the envelope.  She jumps when her cell phone rings before she is able to open the letter and read the note.  Glancing at her caller I.D.  it is Los Angeles, California – and hearing the ringtone – she lets it go to voice mail – she doesn’t have  time for that…..

a blog quote 8

…….standing in the street – looking around feeling like Jennifer Love Hewitt in ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ she is tempted to do the twirl and spin while yelling the famous line – “What are you waiting for – huh? – What are you waiting for?” in her best ‘Julie James impression and voice …..but she controls her urge – doing one spin for her own amusement – her arms reaching towards the heavens, she softly but aloud ponders the note – “What the heck is this, some joke…. maybe that crazy redhead Dru from last night – although I doubt she’s been released yet, it is early” – she mumbles…….

THAT IS ALL for this Tea Time – until next time –

XOXO – Tia





4 thoughts on “Tea Time: Excerpt Six

    • Hi Kris – the song is ‘Radio Gaga’ – It is playing on Katie’s car radio and mentioned earlier (which I didn’t include in this Excerpt). And LOL Leslie, I love when Julie James does that in the movie : ) Thanks for reading and commenting ladies : ) Tia


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