Tea Time: Excerpt Five

New to Angel Bay is Sexy golden boy Brian Mckenzie who I imagine looks a lot like super hottie Brad Pitt.  So with this Excerpt from my Book One – I am sharing the picture of Brad as I imagine Detective McKenzie:



      …..Brian lays on the Tavern floor his head and jaw throbbing, surprised at how hard Peter hits.  Peter is gone before Brian can respond. 

     A couple of Brian’s comrades from the Police Department run over to him – “What the heck Brian, do you need us to do anything?”

“Nah – I kind of had it coming – but I hate that little Rock Star punk.  We will see how things play out – he’s guilty – I just need to be patient, and he just made this personal.”  Brian stands up, brushing himself off while heading towards the restroom to clean up.  He will knock Prince Peter off his superficial thrown – “That Rock Star punk deserves a good beating” – mumbling – “and I will be the one to provide it”…….

 That is all for this Excerpt but –  


Brian McKenzie (Angel Bay Detective)

     New to Angel Bay – Brian a retired Army Ranger now Detective is investigating the crimes surrounding my Heroine Katie Cass (while also having a romantic interest in her).

This Excerpt is during the Costume Party at the Irish Tavern immediately before the Cave Spider Rock concert event of the Year…..

     Stay tuned for more Teasers & Excerpts, Mood Music and Character shares for my Book One  ‘A Dead Ringer for Katie – Rock Star’ on upcoming Tuesdays for this and next months ‘Tea with Tia’ until the release &…..

…..Thanks so much for all of the feedback and comments.  Stay Cool, Safe & have a Rockin’ week –


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