Tea Time: Mood Music

Hello Angels & Knights:

For today’s Tuesday Tea Time I am sharing Mood Music – Tal Bachman’s  1999 top 40 #1 hit ‘She’s So High’ which was released August 10, 1998.  The video I’m linking below made its first appearance in 1999.  Supposely Tal Bachman wrote the song based on his personal experience with a woman he was trying to coerce into dating his Stepbrother (who really liked her).  He wrote this song remembering how he felt while in her presence.  Since my Book heroine Katie Cass is Rock Star Peter Sleigh’s high school dream girl and crush – this song really fits for my Books Mood : ) The video is linked below – as well as the Album Cover titled ‘Tal Bachman’ which the song is on and some video pics.  It is a lovely song and fun music video – I hope you enjoy……

     For next Tea Time I will be sharing another Excerpt from my Book – and maybe one more after that before announcing a release date and sharing my magnificent Book One ‘A Dead Ringer For Katie – Rock Star’ Cover……That is all for this Tuesday’s with Tia – Enjoy Your Rockin’ Day – Tia


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