Tea Time: Excerpt Four

     Meet the ‘Cave Spider’ Band Manager and Assistant Mark (who is also lead singer Peter Sleigh’s my heroines love interest) best childhood friend……

‘THE CAVE SPIDERS’ 3 members – & Manager ‘Mark’ top left (as I imagine):

a blog cave spiders


from my Book One “A Dead Ringer for Katie – Rock Star”:

     Mark laughs out loud – “remember this Peter……’I Still Know What You Did Last Summer’ driving down this same road – we re-enacted the whole scene after we saw the movie.  Damn that was a long time ago, and boy this windy bay road sure brings back a lot of teen memories.”

     “Yeah I don’t remember.”

     “Sure you do.  That was the same night your dream girl – the insanely gorgeous Katie Cass fell into your arms after tripping over the seat next to yours – almost face palming your crotch, can’t remember the details – at the movie theatre.  Boy you almost wet your pants, as she was lying in your arms smelling like that vanilla musky scent she wore” – he laughs.  “You’ve kind of come a long way since then, haven’t you player” – teasing.

     “Yeah, whatever dude, you’re full of it.”

     “Yeah, okay whatever you want to tell yourself.  I bet if you saw her while in town, you would pee yourself for sure.  I bet all of the money I make on this tour you would, even after all of the models and starlets you’ve bedded and not bedded – if you know what I mean” – topping his comment off with a wink as if to say ‘I’m charming and know it all’.

     “I’m not betting you shit.  This is childish Mark, you’re childish.  I’m tired and we have a meet and greet in about an hour.  And that ‘I think I know everything’ wink of yours is annoying, you know nothing.”

     “Fine, fine – touchy” – under his breath – “which says it all.  Just thought I’d have a little fun with you.  But seriously don’t you wonder if she will be in town and what she’s been up to……”

That is all for this Tuesday with Tia update –

I also referenced a favorite movie in this excerpt of mine – based on the Lois Duncan Book “I Know What You Did Last Summer”……R.I.P. Lois who passed away this year.  Her contribution and influence to Suspense for the Young Adult genre (her scary stories) will be missed……

I will also be sharing some Mood Music for my next Tea with Tia update – and another excerpt for Tea Time probably on Tuesday.  Hope everyone enjoys their day –

XOXO – Tia

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