Tea Time: Excerpt Three

MEET CHACE (the sleazy but sexy laborer at Cass Construction, Inc.) 

Excerpt # Three

from my Book One ‘A Dead Ringer for Katie – Rock Star’

(I imagine my book character Chace –

looking a lot like the gorgeous actor pictured below left ‘also’ named Chace)

a blog chace

      …….Katie starts to gather and locate all of her stuff for her busy day, while glancing again in her rearview mirror.  This time noticing Chace – an unfortunately smoking hot laborer she dated once, strutting towards her.  The song ‘Early Morning Stone Pimp’ by Kid Rock – comes to mind while he strolls. 

     Katie rolls her eyes, taking a deep breath, opens her car door, grabs the letter from her back seat, and shoves it into her oversized tan leather tote (wanting to run away as fast  as she can) while waving her hands in the air screaming like silly heroine Katie Campbell from the Wayan ‘Scary Movie’ franchise.  Quickly gathering her stuff and locking her door, she glances back at Chace.  In reality he is walking towards her at a normal pace, but in her mind he is approaching fast, like a monster from a slasher horror movie in slow motion who will eventually catch up to her, because no matter how fast ‘she the victim’ runs the legs of the slasher serial killer ‘long – huge – infinite’ with nothing to stop him from catching her – the victim – his prey, she is doomed…….

That is all!   for this Tea Time….

But stay tuned for more throughout the month – and thanks for reading! 


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