Tea Time: Mood Music

Hi Angels & Knights:

I am sharing some Mood Music today for my upcoming Book One “A Dead Ringer for Katie – Rock Star”.  And since we are having record breaking temperatures in our neck of the woods (in other words it is very hot and humid) with warnings – I thought I would share a little mood music this early evening – before hiking outdoors.  I will also be sharing a few more Excerpts to lead up to my Book One release throughout this month and introducing book characters.

So without further ado my song choice for this Mood Music Sunday share is ‘Nine Days – If I am’ video & song from their 2000 album The Maddening Crowd.  This is such a sweet video and lovely album.  Plus lead singer and songwriter John Sampson is very cute.  I’ve listened to this song quite a few times and the video always makes me think of my heroine Katie Cass as the video girl and Rock Star Peter Sleigh following her aroundIn case you didn’t already know Peter Sleigh ‘Rock Star’ is my heroine Katie Cass’s love interest in Book One.

A Little ‘Nine Days’ Trivia: 

‘Nine Days’ is an American Alternative Rock Band and their most popular song is ‘Absolutely, Story of a Girl’ which is on ‘The Maddening Crowd’ (2000) album too.  The ‘Absolutely’ song reached number one on America’s top 40 – and the album achieved Gold status for the amount sold check it out if you get the chance.

I am linking Nine Days ‘If I am’ music video below.  That is all for now.

Enjoy and stay Cool or dry if in a stormier area, XOXO – Tia


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