Tea Time: a Teaser

Hi Angels & Knights –

     I’ve decided to share a Bonus Teaser from my Book One ‘Dead Ringer’ and Mood Music.  I hope you like it:

……Katie parks her Chevy in her assigned parking space.  Her radio is appropriately playing Rod Stewart’s hit song of the 80’s ‘Infatuation’ – and considering the note left on her car’s windshield she sighs, the song ends and the Polices’ ‘Every Breath You Take’ starts playing.  “Really?  There is some kind of conspiracy going on here, an omen perhaps” – she turns her radio off.

 Inhaling then exhaling, looking into her rearview mirror, she notices a few of the other commercial businesses surrounding the company with Irish décor thinking this foggy bat ridden bay town really goes all out for this lucky leprechaun of a holidaynot feeling so lucky.…… 

      I am also linking Rod Stewart’s 1980’s song Infatuation below since mentioned above.  I believe I first heard this song at the beginning of the 1980’s film “The Sure Thing” starring John Cusack still love that movie and ‘Infatuation’ is a great song from Rod Stewart:

Stay safe Angels and Knights, and don’t forget to always check

your backseat & rearview – Tia

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