Tea Time: Series & Excerpt Two

Hi Angels and Knights:

I’ve added a new Series tab which outlines my upcoming Books and Series for my Dead Ringer ‘Rock Star’ themed Books – check it out : )

I’ve also updated and added a teaser under my Book tab, as well as another Excerpt from my Book One


 (introducing Peter Sleigh ‘Rock Stars’ new friend and driver Eric & Katie’s next door neighbor Luke – who also works with Katie at Cass Construction, Inc.)

A Dead Ringer for Katie  – Rock Star:

a blog lion4

     Peter interrupts – “I’m right here and Eric my driver has already got it covered” – really not sure how to go about dealing with the dead animal, since never dealing with anything like this before.  Peter plays confident, secure and all knowing very well.

Eric the Limo Driver eyes Peter – then whispers – “What the hell should I do?  And bats did that?  Damn, some freaky Science Franken-bats?!”  Eric steps out of the Limo and goes to the back to retrieve any tool he can find to assist in removing the animal.

Luke laughs out loud – “this will be funny to see.”

“Wow Luke, no offer to help.  You are just going to stand there and watch – you are a dandy” – Katie turns swiftly and walks over to Eric quickly – who is standing in back of the Limo.  She leans in to look into the back.  She spots a shovel and lifts it out – “I will get my wheelbarrow and we can push the carcass into the barrow.  I will dump it into Luke’s bushes and he can take it from there.”

“I don’t think so Katie” – Luke’s arms folded in a stern stance.

“Why not Luke – you can figure something out.  If you do not I will make sure your life is not as comfy as it has been at the Company.”

Luke will help not because of her threat, he really is a nice guy underneath.  He just doesn’t trust the Rock Star nor most people.  He taps his foot for a moment – “Leave the Cougar in the wheelbarrow and I will take care of it in the morning.”

“Great already done” – Katie smiles fakely.

Eric softly taps Katie’s arm – “Thanks Katie, you are super cool.  What a strange place this is, you know since bats are able to murder Mountain Lions and all.  Actually I didn’t realize the larger than life cats live around here.  Good to know if I ever plan to jog or run.”

She smiles softly at Eric – ” just don’t forget to pick up your mini-can of the special mace at our local hardware store for bats and Mountain Lions.  It should keep you out of harms way if you ever come face to face with one, or have to deal with a colony of bats – but they shouldn’t bother you” – she looks over at Peter who is sitting in his Limo chatting on his cell phone.

“I may just workout at the local gym ‘TNT’s’ ” – he winks.  “I saw the sign and building when we arrived……..”

That is all for now,

until next Tea Time stay cool & safe – Tia

5 thoughts on “Tea Time: Series & Excerpt Two

  1. I’m liking Eric, but Peter needs to get off his butt and cell phone and help, wonder what he is up to? Katie seems cool and strong, not sure yet what to think of Luke. Thanks for sharing these excerpts Tia.

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  2. I agree with Leigh, love Katie and Eric seems nice with his manners and sexy wink, but wondering what is up with Peter the privileged Rock Star. I should be working, ha, love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Ladies – thanks for all of the interest : ) and love the comments! Eric is a great character, and Vick I am waiting to hear back about my current edits (but I should know within a month or two) hopefully sooner, and hopefully worth the wait!! Have a great day ladies – XOXO – Tia B.


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