Tea Time: Excerpt One

from my Book One of my Dead Ringer Series…..

I will be sharing a few Excerpts and Teasers from my first Book over the next month….

So check back each week to get a glimpse into the mysterious world of


“A Dead Ringer for Katie – Rock Star”

 “What the hell was that?” Peter startled exclaims louder than expected.

“I bet it was those blood sucking vermins – the bats striking again, their victim” – Katie wondering who their victim was this time – or what.  “I wouldn’t worry probably minor damage.  If you lived here you would get used to it unfortunately.”

“I don’t remember….” – he catches his comment before revealing he has been to Angel Bay, even lived in the town.

“You’ve been here before?”…….

That is all Angels and Knights!  Until next time – Tia

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3 thoughts on “Tea Time: Excerpt One

  1. Hi Annie – so very glad you are excited about my Book : ) I will be sharing sporadically, no particular schedule at this time – I usually post in the early morning though. Have a great day – Tia


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