Tea Time: Meet McKenzie & Tour

Meet Mckenzie :  New Detective in town Brian McKenzie, known as the Iceman investigating the crimes surrounding Katie…..Detective McKenzie runs into Katie jogging one bat ridden Angel Bay evening…..he originally meets Katie Cass my heroine at the Tavern dealing with one of Rock Star Peter Sleigh’s threatening groupies……

angel bay 6








& a glimpse at small town, bat ridden – lovely and quaint Angel Bay what I imagine the area looks like in a section of the town….

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3 thoughts on “Tea Time: Meet McKenzie & Tour

  1. Hmmmm, sweet. I may like Mr. McKenzie? A new book boyfriend perhaps. I can’t wait to read about him and Katie. The town looks lovely, but I wonder what kind of place Angel Bay is.

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  2. It just means lots and lots of bats : ) compared to other areas….they swarm and fly together at night – among other things, but you can go out – you just need to take precaution and be aware…..my series of books will explain…..


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