Tea Time: Meet Katie


My Book Heroine Katie Cass –

a glimpse at her and her interests :  

Actress Kim Richards as

‘Katie Cass’ a 22 year old Courier

(at this time  would be perfect casting)


A modern day Lucille Ball

& Peter Sleigh – Rock Star

lead singer of the Colossal hit Band the ‘Cave Spiders’…….

   (Katie is Rock Star Peter Sleigh’s High School crush : )

Meet Peter Sleigh:


     Peter returns to his high school hometown of Angel Bay seven years after leaving Angel Bay – while on tour St. Patrick’s Day week to perfom at the local Tavern where Katie resides and works locally as a Company Representative and Courier for her dad’s local construction company Cass Construction, Inc……

the Cass Construction company Van Katie Drives: 

a blog van

Katie and some of her interests…..

The ‘Hey Katie’ song by Josh Kelley……Peter Sleigh’s Cover song for Katie : )

3 thoughts on “Tea Time: Meet Katie

  1. I changed my casting choice for my Heroine. If you get a chance let me know what you think, although any of the actresses named could portray my book character very well – this is my final choice of how I imagine her. Thanks for reading : ) TIa


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