Tea Time: Dad’s Day, my heroine and her dad.

Since Dad’s Day is approaching and my main character was raised by her father, I am sharing my casting choices for my heroine Katie Cass and her father Tom for this Tea with Tia.  Actress Kim Richards at twenty-two (since my heroine turns 22 in Book One) and Actor Robert Urich of Spencer for Hire could easily pass as father and daughter, and would make a great Tom and Katie Cass in my Dead Ringer Book One.  I used to watch Spenser for Hire with my dad (a 1985-1988) detective TV show, a fun childhood memory and where part of where my interest for Detective TV comes from.

I hope all of you have a super Rockin’ week – Tia

a tom cass

Tom Cass C.E.O. & President

 & Katie Cass my heroine

Courier, Company Rep and all around smartass girl next door works

at Cass Construction, Inc. ( and as a part time Yoga Instructor) as well as amateur sleuth….


2 thoughts on “Tea Time: Dad’s Day, my heroine and her dad.

  1. They do look a lot alike, cool choices, and praise to all of the step up dads out there. I can’t wait to read your book!


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