Tea Time: Scream Queens, Late Nights, & Scary Movies

Being Scared late at night while watching a scary movie, or reading a scary book my imagination gets the best of me.  I will check all of my doors and make sure they are locked – windows too, even look in my closets and under my beds while clutching a weapon of choice : ) My book has thriller elements and my main character could be categorized as a Scream Queen but with a lot more depth and background, so this update I am sharing my favorite Scary Movie(s) and Scream Queen.  The year is 1995 and Wes Craven’s Scream film is released – which I saw in theatre, a very clever movie – I love them all.  Scream 2 which takes place at a College is my favorite, plus Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cici Cooper also known for Buffy, I Know What You Did Last Summer and the Grudge is awesome as a Scream Queen in the film.  Love her acting and style, so I am sharing a scene from Scream 2 (a couple clips) and a still shot of Sarah Michelle Gellar as character Cici Cooper (probably how I look walking through my home when a noise is heard late at night) which is why this character is relatable and the scene very scary.  Check out the Wes Craven’s Scream films for a Fright Movie Night – they are great thrillers, and my main character Katie has a Cici Cooper vibe to her.  Have a not too scary week – Tia

a katie CS




4 thoughts on “Tea Time: Scream Queens, Late Nights, & Scary Movies

  1. I love Wes Craven and his Scream movies. Scream 2 is on Netflix with Sarah Michelle Gellar one of my favorite actresses. She is great in this, but I would’ve gone with her housemate not stayed there. Great clip, I was scared watching this.


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