Tea Time: Boy Bands

Ahhh Boy Bands – love them.  They are cute, stylish and can dance and sing, and since my Book is based around a Boy Band I am sharing a favorite Music Video a Blast from My past – NSYNC’S ‘Bye Bye Bye’ of 2000 : ) very James Bond and a lot of fun. If you like this video check out NSYNC’S ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ (which has a Katie and the Cave Spiders) from my Book feel to it.  Also WatchMojo a channel on youtube shared and ranked the top Boy Bands of all time where NSYNC is #5 and their song Bye Bye Bye is #3 : ) And for even more Boy Band fun – check out the making of Bye Bye Bye (a behind the scenes look) online.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed walking down my Boy Band memory lane for ‘Tuesday’s with Tia’ – Tia

2 thoughts on “Tea Time: Boy Bands

  1. I love this post, this takes me back. NSYNC and Backstreet Boys are my favorites. I will check out the other videos you mentioned and I will be looking for my CD’s. Thanks Tia


  2. Let’s have a Boy Band party!!!!! or 1990’s. And you can’t forget New Kids on the Block, I had a New Kids poster on my wall : )


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