Hi Everyone,

Below is my upcoming 

AUTHOR & BOOK related


OCTOBER 8, 2018

will be the release of the updated version of my Rock Star Book One

(the update will include a New Cover and new format)

to match my 2nd books format

which suits the theme of my series beautifully . . .

And I’m still waiting on the new cover but I will post it when available —

as well as my

New Author and Book site which will be under

Tia Crime Capers

 most likely to be shared around the same time in October . . .

a couple of new banners I created for my series

share three

hollywood crime pic fall ac

Also some September and October shows and concerts:

I love this time of year since the weather cools off and the leaves change

A good time to break out flannels, cords, and hats – plus Halloween and lots of other holiday celebrations and (being outdoors) is at its best . . .

plus perfect reading and coffee drinking weather . . .

an upcoming book I’m looking forward to:

Flight or Fright – Stephen King

flfrand some upcoming concerts:

Ed Sheeran, Lera Lynn, Maroon 5

and Live Shows:
Hamilton, Beauty and the Beast, A Rockabilly Christmas (one of my series interviewees) will be in town to perform his Christmas show with his band – I hope to catch his show  : )


I will have a book blitz  – with a Giveaway

(the giveaway will include my first two books) as well as

a few other items, I will share later . . .


Another Holiday Giveaway with a new Holiday Interview —

I will also announce the release date of my final book for this series

Hard to Hold

And with the winter release of Book Three

I will have some news and a new book trailer for the final book and series.

and some EXTRA author and book stuff such as

Location Inspiration

and a MARCH 2019 BOOK PARTY (St. Patrick’s themed)

like my book. . .

So today, I’m sharing  a favorite Ed Sheeran song and video “Galway Girl” —

perfect mood music for my Irish, St. Patrick’s themed series, plus I will be seeing Ed in concert:

And more Location Inspiration for

Wings University

The clock tower below is definitely a Dead Ringer (like my series) for the Clock Tower in a favorite film “Back to the Future”:



And today is September 11 – I will always remember where I was and what I was doing

on that day . . .

Be safe if in the way of the hurricane, and have a great week!

I will post my new Book cover when available.


Happy Reading, Tia

Everything New!


I will have a new Author and Book web site, but will keep this blog for more detailed shares . . .

The new site will be under

tia crime capers 

(it’s not available yet)

but that will be my professional author and book site I will share when available . . .

I will also have


The release date for the updated versions

of Book One and Two will be

OCTOBER 8, 2018

And I will announce when Book Three will be available,

at that time.

I will also have news to share about my series

around the release of Book Three!


I want to share a song that eerily fits my series

Wolf Like Me

by Radio on On TV

An Awesome sound and song, by an awesome band. I added it to my Hard to Hold book playlist. The perfect mood music for my series. I will link the song below:


I’ve also been in a 90’s kickback mood –

This song fits what is going on in my life and is a favorite,

Closing Time from 1999 —

check out the pay phone in the music video too:

new one

close three

And Elvis week has been going on this past week in Memphis, although it’s coming to an end today I believe

I really hope to get there some time. Checking out some pics posted looked like an amazing experience; maybe a tour within the year . . .

And if you haven’t gotten a chance

Check out my Elvis interview with actor, musician, and Elvis fan Kavan– also an Elvis tribute artist . . .

He was nice enough to offer some of his time for the interview. I posted it when my Book Two released. It’s linked below and

was a lot of Rock and Roll fun:

And a book I want to read that I haven’t started but ran across the other day:

which I may end up listening to on audible. Looks good:


And I’m sure most already know

but Aretha Franklin passed –


What a huge loss, and on the same day Elvis The King of Rock passed (as many have written) the king of rock and queen of soul. My favorite songs of hers are:

Respect and You Make Me Feel.

I always want to kick back and close my eyes while listening to You Make Me Feel and jump around the room when Respect is on.

She left us some incredible music and was one of a kind. RIP Aretha.

Now I’m off to a few outdoor events that I will be photographing this weekend. It has been hot and humid, so I hope everyone stays cool if having the same kind of weather. Have a great weekend –

& Happy Reading, Tia

New Stuff!

I wanted to update a lot earlier

but I haven’t had much time because


Came across that the other day and I can relate . . .

I’ve been working on a lot of things while contemplating, not wanting to be hasty, all while trying to enjoy a bit of the summer  . . .

 I did go to a Weezer / Pixie concert

a couple weeks ago

and It was amazing!

One of my favorite concert experiences ever. A couple of favorite moments was when Rivers Cuomo sang “Africa” by Toto and ventured out into the middle of an iPhone lit arena to sing “Island in the Sun”. It was so much fun, and really one of the nicest concerts I’ve been to. He and his band really put on a great show!

Some photos from the concert at Jiffy Lube Live
— the pic on the left is when he sang Africa. I took a lot of video

I may add later . . .



UNDER my pen name Tia Brady
@ tiabradycrimecapers

the other day. The Link:

This will be my author and book Instagram. I haven’t linked this site on there yet — since I’m updating and will have a new author and book site. . . but I will.

And below is Location Inspiration for my Series

a Jazz club in California —

and how I imagine the Irish Tavern

where Katie (my heroine) first meets Peter (Rock Star) at the beginning


His band’s meet and greet. Kind of a smoky vibe

as described in my book:

vibrato grill jazz

I’m also looking forward to sharing Book Three

“Hard to Hold”

the last in this series. Below is an excerpt from Book Two “Real Time”.

The book released June 2 and received a 5 star review.


the son of the Café owner

(the Café) where my heroine Katie frequents, and where the best coffee is sold. It’s also conncected to the dinner theatre where Katie my heroine performs occasionally. Author fun fact, I’ve acted and performed on stage . . . .

flynn book real time exc1

and a new social media cover I created (for book three)

Release date to be announced

but the book will be available this winter . . .

book cover three 2

There will be a lot of Katie and the Rock Star in Hard to Hold —

and book three is where their relationship develops

and the mystery solved.

And with the release of book three I will have news to share about my series, I wanted to share earlier but I have to wait until then.



for FALL

Location inspiration trips, such as a visit to Amity Island (Martha’s Vineyard), the Cape since a bay town setting, with a visit to Universal, Hollywood I have family out there and some other places. I’m excited for the adventure . . .

In the meantime I’ve been changing a few things on this site. I now have an Author Event page where Author Events & Appearances will be posted:


and a Meet the Author page:

which was originally my Tea with Tia page, where I will share a variety of stories, media, book inspiration, maybe a read along, to be announced.

I will also have Location Inspiration photo’s still taken at the River Walk in San Antonio (but Location Photo’s only) not Author ones, probably in October, later than planned for fun and mood. Never had photo’s taken by this photographer who also happens to be a friend, but looking forward to seeing what she creates.

But I will still have author photo’s taken by another friend – a pro. He offered to do them many times – so I look forward to collaborating and sharing his work.

And a couple of mood pics I took recently, very old Hollywood and jazzy

at a favorite place:

And I came across a song that I absolutely love

by The Tom Braggins band that could easily fit my series.

Check it out:

And finally



I was a Philosophy major in College and this made me laugh from the 90’s, a favorite film and clip I forgot about until the other day. Yes, I was a bit serious like the brunette with beret in college . . .  but Alicia Silverstone is so funny in this movie — this is a favorite part; also wardrobe inspiration for my heroine Katie at the meet and greet (the black beret) in the beginning. And I love Paul Rudd too of course. This was the first time I came across his acting. Both characters are Philosophy majors, and so cliché, but right on, lol:


And . . .

I also added two dance clips to my favorites on my Author YouTube “Make Em Laugh” from “Singing in the Rain” one of the best dance scenes in all cinema imo, and another  Gene Kelly favorite from the 1980’s movie “Xanadu”.

The Xanadu clip of Gene and Olivia remind me of dancing with my dad. Another author fun fact:  I’ve been a dancer since the age of two. I also listed my top dancers of all time over on my Get to Know Tia page:

And I’m looking forward to a couple of really cool and colorful event photo shoots that involve balloons and a circus not mentioned; will definitely be sharing those images when I get a chance, while venue hopping for work, and attending a few upcoming concerts with friends and fam.

This was a long update. So if you got this far,

Thanks for reading : ) Tia


Summer books, banners, baseball & more

     I created a few new banners for my series, as well as discovered you can create a picture slideshow on here, and updated my Get to Know Tia section which includes my book favorites and more (check it out) and share yours if you wish 

linked below:

Book one and two are available (of my three book) crime caper —

and I’m excited to report that I received a 5 star review for my 2nd book on Amazon.

book summer 21

Book three Hard To Hold (the final) for this series will be released in the winter

book summer auth12

and I will also be creating a slideshow of a variety of my favorite images
under the Get to Know Tia tab when I get the chance, but I did update my About section and included a favorite photo of my dad in a baseball pitching pose the photo on the left:  base dad

he was a phenomenal pitcher (among other things)

played pro-baseball, as well as football and basketball in both high school and in the service. He was a mathematician, valedictorian, writer, thespian, class president, voted most likely to succeed and most popular, but above all he was kind and worked hard, and didn’t need any kind of confirmation or awards for his abilities (although he received them) he never put them on display. He was an amazing story teller. I’m not sure what he would think of social media.

I also added some new stuff to my playlists. Check out my favorite version of the “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” song which was part of the inspiration behind choosing Katie as my heroines name (since my series is bobcat, creature, and mountain lion themed). It’s on my Real Time playlist on my Author YouTube.

& if you missed my previous update below — it includes a favorite summer read, concert and more:

a concert look I really like for my upcoming Weezer/ Pixies concert this weekend

concert look

a frugal find with one of my all time favorite books

book and frugal find

and a friend of mine was sharing a favorite book cover a day on her social media

below is (one of mine):

the chase

as well as one of my most anticipated reads:

cupcoming book

I will have more to share soon in the meantime

One more banner

cover summer 18 four

And the


of my 2nd book:

The puzzle of the necklace stolen by the Rock Star

“I ordered the book as soon as it was available. The puzzle of the necklace stolen by the rock star from her best friend and Katie’s preoccupation with the rock star lead to more complications. I’m wondering which love interest Katie will end up with. Am looking forward to Book Three.”

listed under (the paperback) from Amazon

Thanks for reading & following —

have a great weekend!




Saturday the 14th!



SATURDAY THE 14TH (well, a smidgeon after midnight) so we’ll pretend

and not quite the same as Friday the 13th (if you are superstitious), but close since a parody of that film

and it’s summer. The weather has been gorgeous and

(I wanted to update yesterday

but I didn’t have a chance)

because when I finally got home after a long day and sat down last night,

I started watching the TV show Nikita again on Netflix. It’s one of my favorite shows, so instead of updating or going to sleep which is what I needed to do, I stayed up pretty late watching that.

Lyndsy Fonseca is great as Alex, and I really like her with Owen
(I added a favorite clip of them to my favorites playlists). I could easily see actress Lyndsy Fonseca portraying my heroine…

a pic of her with actor Shane West

from Season One

lyndsy fonseca and shane west nikita

And as I mentioned previously my books are being updated

some minor things were changed and that particular update is complete, and both of my books are available and will be, but there is more going on with my series which I will share when the new editions for book one and two are complete…

 I should have those release dates within a couple weeks.

happy new year55

I’m still figuring some things out while making some final author and book decisions.

I’m also planning on attending some book conventions within the year and next. So I hope to meet some new authors, readers, and anyone who participates in those kinds of things. I will be sharing that information as I know it.

And as I mentioned previously, book three Hard To Hold — will be released in the winter

and will complete my Dead Ringer mystery series

paper TiaBrady_HardToHold_6x9_BW_200 paperback

with a possible prequel and spinoff, and my book party

will be around the time of that release, at a venue with live entertainment.

I’m also in the middle of moving, packing, and cleaning out my house —

Which includes throwing stuff out, boxing up, and more — with some vacation in between, and then it will be time for house fixups.

Moving is such a huge process — and takes a lot of work,
so I probably won’t be completely moved out until spring, which will be here before I know it since so much to do,  but I’m lucky I can take my time if I wish.

So today I wanted to share how I decided on

my main characters name

Naming my heroine:

 I originally chose the name Sarah because I wanted to use a common name and partially because I loved the TV Show Buffy from the 90’s, and Sarah is the name of the actress who played Buffy…

So my books were almost titled:

“A Dead Ringer for Sarah”  which is mentioned

 in my book one Rock Star

But after looking up different covers and versions of the song “Everybody wants to be a Cat” from the film Aristocrats (since my series is Bobcat and Mountain Lion themed) I decided on the name Katie which works well with the nicknames offered for cats to tie in with the theme.

My favorite version of that song is on one of my playlists sung by songstress Jade Williams aka Sunday Girl accompanied by talented guitarist Tom Braggins. . .

 I also created one of my

Supporting Characters


(Katie’s younger brother)

loosely based on one of my best friends whom I refer to as B —

in my book two Real Time dedication.

He is (a film Encyclopedia) and

there are really no words to describe how grateful I am for all his patience with any questions I’ve had while writing — and in every day life.

 He is awesome, and B stands for
Brilliant and the Best…

little rock star

You Rock B!

And finally, one of my most anticipated concerts is in a week, and I’m super excited for it. I’m also supposed to go to Myrtle Beach on Tuesday but don’t know if I can swing the beach with my schedule, maybe for a few days — regardless

my recommended beach read is Gidget by Frederick Kohner

gidget book

He supposedly wrote the book based on his daughters shenanigans and trips to Malibu. I would love to meet her.

Loved the movie too. I think I first saw the film in the 90’s and thought Moondoggie was incredibly charming, played by actor James Darren, and I could really relate to the character Gidget played by Sandra Dee — for being the smallest of size and for being the only gal in the group a lot of the time. Such a cute romantic summer flick. Going to the beach has always been a tradition in my family…

Well, it’s after midnight and I have a full schedule tomorrow so I’m signing off but I wanted to share a quote I love, because good advice:

“Hug and kiss whoever helped you – financially, mentally, morally, emotionally – to this day. Parents, mentors, friends, teachers. If you’re too uptight to do that, at least do the old handshake thing, but I recommend a hug and a kiss. Don’t let the sun go down without saying thank you to someone, and without admitting to yourself that absolutely no one gets this far alone.”   Stephen King

Okay, that’s it for tonight.

I was going to include reader’s questions this time, but too long of an update, so next time.

Hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying their summer.

Thanks for reading and following.


An Announcement!

My books are being updated:

I should have more information — about the updated release dates for both 

within a week or two, some minor things so those dates won’t be that far off…

Book Three will still be released within the year:

paper TiaBrady_HardToHold_6x9_BW_200 paperback

I’m also in the midst of moving so a very time consuming schedule…

 But I will have more news to share about my series — in the next update, really good news! And I will be updating periodically about a variety of things!


The pic on the left was when I was in Nashville, TN at the Ryman Auditorium for work I’m the photographer (not in the picture) — and the other is also Mood Related

so sharing…

And a writing quote from one of my favorite Authors and

Storytellers Stephen King:

King 1

Thanks for reading!!!




Bridgett W.

& below is Location Inspiration from BOOK ONE Rock Star!

Washington Dulles International Airport 

 Definitely a favorite airport (love the Architecture) by Designer and Architect Eero Saarinen…

was there to pic up my boss and for a photo shoot

Author fun fact:

I was a Flight Attendant for United Airlines briefly, before deciding the idea was better than the reality..

Dulles airport was also the setting for one of my favorite films “Die Hard 2”. And although Dulles was the setting for the film, it was not filmed there. The movie was actually filmed at two different airports, LAX & a now closed airport in Denver…

I will also have answers to reader’s questions and more!

And if you haven’t gotten a chance to check out my up close and personal Interview for book two with musician and entertainer Kavan, scroll on over to the Rock & Roll Interview Two tab and check it out. It was a lot of fun…


Now I’m off to mail a few copies of my book & the giveaway…

Thanks for reading, Tia